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A safer, more efficient campus

When it comes to flexibility, security, and clarity, nothing beats a network-based IP paging system, and Conductor leads the pack with easy to program and use software, integrated control capability, and compatibility with FrontRow classroom sound systems.


Rave Award InfoComm 2016

Mission Control

The touch-enabled PC and software make it easy to play tones, music, or announcements simply by tapping a zone or map location.

Answer incoming calls and alerts with the Conductor Notifier. Easily adjust bell schedules with a few taps.

User permissions make it easy for IT and office staff to see just what they need to see.

Conductor in Office

For everyday...

Conductor keeps the day moving with automated bell schedules, using the built-in tones or your own audio files. Set up different schedules for different parts of the school, even on a class by class basis. Play pre-recorded announcements or music, or stream audio live from your phone.

Hundreds of schools and districts use Conductor every day to keep their schools running smoothly.

...and emergencies.

Communication is paramount in any emergency scenario. With Conductor you can trigger audio alerts, along with control of digital signage, email messages, text messages, door locks, and flashing lighting, to help ensure staff and student safety in an emergency. You can even use any school phone or mobile phone to call in an announcement or trigger an emergency alert, on or off campus.

Emergency Icons

FrontRow 2x2 Enclosure and Juno
Complete Integration

When using Conductor with an ezRoom or Juno Connect classroom sound system, it gets even better. Stream prioritization automatically ensures that bells override classroom audio, and emergency alerts and announcements override everything.

Why pay for two parallel audio systems when your classroom sound system can act as the PA, providing clear, digital sound.


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