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Established in 1963, FrontRow's award-winning technology helps 20,000+ schools in over 50 countries communicate effortlessly.  In the classroom, we improve outcomes with elegant digital audio technology for media and voice, AV control, and lesson capture.  Networked, your classrooms can form a powerful unified platform for paging, intercom, bell scheduling, and critical emergency response.

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Front Page - Better Communication for Better Results

Better communication for better results

It's a lot harder to learn in a classroom than most people think.  And it's getting harder to keep everyone informed, on-time, and safe.  FrontRow's communication solutions can help-- watch these quick videos to see how.

Front Page - Why your classroom is working against you

Why your classroom is working against you (and how to fix it)

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Front Page - Why 1960s technology won't keep your school safe

Why 1960s technology won't keep your school safe and efficient

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  • Portable
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • PE, events

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Sound Quality

  • Even stereo sound
  • Digital feedback suppression
  • Speech clarity

Front Page - Solutions - All-in-one


  • Standalone media and audio solution
  • Voice command
  • Lesson capture
  • Networkable

Front Page - Solutions - Invisible & Connected

Invisible & Connected

  • Voice & media
  • Advanced AV control options
  • Nearly invisible
  • Networkable

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Paging & Safety

  • Centralized IP paging
  • Bell scheduling
  • Emergency alerting & response
  • Dedicated or virtual server