Accident & Theft Protection

When accidents happen, just say "OOPS"

FrontRow ezRoom room control and AV management

For as little as $43, the OOPS plan guarantees free replacement of product damaged by spills, drops, theft, and other classroom mishaps in 3 days or less.

More than a protection plan, it's peace of mind

A swan-dive into the concrete. A carton of milk splashed into the circuits. A thief in the night. Stuff happens to classroom electronics. In fact, last year over 2,000 FrontRow customers had mishaps or thefts that were simply not covered under warranty. If your FrontRow system bites the dust before its time, make sure you're covered with the OOPS Plan. The OOPS Plan gives you free shipping, labor, and replacement parts — including batteries and microphones — whenever the unexpected happens.

At the first sign of trouble, we'll send you a free replacement by 3-day express. And starting as little as $43, it's the quickest and most affordable way to stay up and running.

The OOPS Protection Plan

For cost-conscious schools that can't afford downtime, FrontRow's OOPS Plan offers free replacement of product damaged by spills, drops, theft, and other classroom mishaps in 3 days or less*. It even covers worn out chargeable batteries and mics! You may buy and activate an OOPS Plan at the time of your hardware purchase.** Coverage is available for either individual transmitters or for entire systems, and gives you all the benefits of the FrontRow 5-Year Limited Warranty plus this valuable extended coverage. 

Summary of what's covered***

  • Defects and failures due to normal use and operation
  • Accidental and unintentional damage from handling and power surges
  • Parts, labor & normal two-way shipping at no extra cost on covered repairs and replacements
  • Theft (with a valid police report)
  • Consumables, such as rechargeable batteries, microphones, and cables

For full details of the program, please read the FrontRow OOPS brochure.

* Provided customer reports an OOPS-covered incident by phone before 10am Pacific Time, and 3-Day Express is available in customer's region.

** You may also buy an OOPS plan within 30 days of your hardware purchase with a $24 processing fee.

***Plan features and pricing as of August 2012 shown, and are subject to change.

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