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Californian engineering, focused on results

Today, schools can purchase communications systems from a number of providers. Unfortunately, most of these products are repurposed karaoke sets outfitted with a few extra knobs to make them look 'advanced,' or over-designed corporate systems loaded with complexity and cost.

At FrontRow, we design our own products in our California headquarters specifically for K-12 schools. What's more, we measure true technology leadership by how well our products impact the success of students, instructors, and administrators. Our goal is to make teaching and learning easier and more effective, and so our core design principle is “strength inside, simplicity outside.” Year after year, FrontRow’s engineers have delivered more exciting innovations to fulfill that vision than any other school communications builder. Here are a few:

When a product is easy to use, it actually gets used

At FrontRow, we believe in helping teachers with technology, not burdening them with it. That's why we partner with educators to build simplicity into everything we do, so teachers can concentrate on what they do best — teach. Teachers can literally be fully trained to use FrontRow systems in 10 minutes or less. That's because we make the technology — not the teachers — do the work.

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Ridiculously easy lesson capture

Using simple voice commands, our Teacher Edition software records both your screen and audio content, then automatically titles and prepares recordings for upload so students can review the video at night. Vastly multiply your reach and productivity without touching your computer — pretty amazing.

Control your projector — with your voice

A teacher’s voice is a powerful educational tool – now more than ever. The Juno Connect classroom communication system listens as attentively as students do, so teachers can control projectors, displays, document cameras, and other devices simply by talking to them. In addition, they can call the front office just by saying 'intercom.'

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Fast, proper connection to personal FM systems

Audiologists can quickly and confidently connect students’ personal FM transmitters and maintain excellent transparency. Teacher and fellow-student voices plus media audio are delivered directly to the student’s personal receiver.


FrontRow technology gets better results

We're excited about the technology behind our products, but we're more concerned with how they work in the real world. That's why we put so much thought into building products that work better in the classroom. For example:

OptiVoice logo

OptiVoice™ clarity

FrontRow's patented OptiVoice™ technology can improve clarity and comprehension beyond the capacity of less-advanced products. It's a powerful tool for test-taking, directions, and ELL instruction. Fragile consonant sounds carry about 75% of the meaning in speech but are easily destroyed by background noise. OptiVoice strengthens these critical sounds, doing the work of a 12-band equalizer with a single switch.

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Adapto™ digital feedback suppression

The Adapto™ digital signal processing platform makes FrontRow products perform better in the classroom by dramatically reducing interruptions from feedback. Our next-generation Adapto digital signal processing engine actively scans audio 375 times per second to suppress feedback squeal before it starts. That makes for a calmer teaching environment and lets instructors move freely about the room without fear of harsh feedback outbursts.

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SonicSuffusion™ for intelligent sound distribution

FrontRow Juno has three digitally-controlled drivers in a single unit that evenly fills the room with the kind of exciting, multi-layered stereo sound you’d expect from a much larger installed system.


FrontRow saves schools money

FrontRow's third major design principle demands that we make cost savings a priority for schools — up front where possible, and long-term always. How?

Fundamental savings

Twenty years of research has documented that the financial returns of a FrontRow sound system can be just as exciting as the academic benefits. Because FrontRow reduces teacher sick leave due to voice problems, substitute costs decline. Special education costs can also drop off as children in FrontRow classrooms begin needing fewer remedial services. Indirect benefits are substantial as well: How much of your teachers’ and principals’ time and salaries goes toward behavior problems or getting the class focused? Up to 96% of schools using FrontRow have noted improvement in both these areas.

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Up to 63% less energy

FrontRow products use significantly less energy – up to 63% less – than other systems. They’re a smart choice for schools and the environment.

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SmartCharge™ savings and peace of mind

The greatest killer of electronics is accidental recharging of alkaline batteries. Products like Juno use lithium-ion batteries, so these accidents aren't an issue; but some lines like Pro Digital and ToGo give you the flexibility to use off-the-shelf batteries without fear of damaging your equipement. SmartCharge technology only charges batteries that are safe to charge — protecting your investment for years to come. For even moderate classroom amplification projects, that can save you an extra $300 to $600 per year in maintenance costs by automatically sensing which batteries are safe to charge.In addition, because FrontRow's electrical designs are more efficient, we can use just a single microphone battery in the microphone used in Pro Digital and Symbio to get better performance than any other product. Cutting your battery usage immediately in half, we estimate you'll save at least an extra $120 on each system.

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Our products are still Earth-friendly long after you've stopped using them

It's not just about saving money; it's also about saving the future. Each year, millions of electronic devices end up in landfills, potentially leeching toxins into our water supply. For this reason, FrontRow’s design and manufacturing practices are RoHS-compliant — keeping lead, mercury, PBDE and other toxins out of its products, out of your classrooms, and out of the environment. In our daily work lives, FrontRow employees maintain a comprehensive recycling program for all e-waste and batteries. And we require that all of our sub-suppliers align their practices with our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy.


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