Attention Span

FrontRow students are more attentive and better-behaved

"Attentiveness like no other I've seen in my career."

—Guy Sconzo, Ph.D.
Humble ISD (Texas)

The average student misses
25% of what the teacher says 

Kids with completely normal ears — your kids — are missing large portions of what the teacher is saying every day. Children in the back rows can be missing up to 40%, and on average about a quarter of the instructional content is just not getting through.

It's due to several factors, including seating position, background noise, and the fact that children lack vocabulary and fully-developed auditory pathways in the brain. Children can hear the teacher — just not as clearly as an adult can. Over the course of the day, kids have to spend more and more energy just trying to pay attention.

And eventually, they won’t.

Further Reading

Improving attentiveness and on-task
behavior with a FrontRow sound system

In a three-year project involving 55 kindergarten-through-second-grade classrooms in Escambia, Orange, Pinellas, and Sarasota (Florida) public schools, 96% of teachers found that student attentiveness, listening, and comprehension improved when using FrontRow.

If we remove barriers to focusing, kids surprise us by paying attention. By clearly and evenly distributing the teacher's voice throughout the entire classroom, students are no longer victims of their seat assignment. Principals and teachers are typically amazed by the almost immediate improvement in student attentiveness when using a FrontRow sound system. And because it’s so much easier to manage a focused classroom, teachers can be much more efficient and productive..

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