FrontRow Wins EdTech Digest’s Best Presentation Solution Award

FrontRow Wins EdTech Digest’s Best Presentation Solution Award

FrontRow joins the ranks of EdTech Digests’ “innovators, leaders, and trendsetters shining bright in one of the greatest fields of human endeavor [education].”

Petaluma, Calif. (March 23, 2017)—San Francisco Bay Area-based FrontRow–whose classroom audio, education technology solutions, and campus AV/control systems play a key role in over 15,000 schools—has garnered another industry-wide honor: EdTech Digest’s Award for Best Presentation Solution.

“In honoring cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters in education, we do so with a sense of excitement, but also a sense of responsibility,” states EdTech Digest. “The stakes are high because these honorees are shaping our future.” 

The winning FrontRow’s solutions are “everything-but-the-display” classroom presentation systems that combine simplicity of design with robust productivity technology. The quickest of these is Juno, which includes a multi-functional teacher microphone, an all-in-one speaker tower that spreads voice and media audio throughout the learning space, and either physical or voice control of sources. The company’s ezRoom systems provide the same core benefits, just with more customization options and a nearly-invisible, flush-mounted look.

Key aspects that make FrontRow the best presentation solution in education include:

  • Microphone-activated lesson capture that incorporates audio and video, turning lesson content into easy-to-share MP4 files that students and parents can review after school.
  • A microphone voice command center which can enable devices in the classroom, such as projectors and monitors, or trigger an alert to the front office or the whole campus. For example, a teacher can control the speaker’s volume, turn on a projector or start a lesson capture by pressing their microphone button and saying "Begin."

“One of the things we really like about FrontRow Juno is that feature of the lesson capture,” said Dr. Maria Armstrong, Superintendent of the Woodland Joint Unified School District. “This really helps with that individualized learning where parents can log on for kids or kids can log on for themselves to access that information and get the extended time they need to really understand or engage in the learning.”

FrontRow’s presentation solutions save time and maximize impact in the classroom. In particular, numerous studies show the technology evens the playing field for every student—increasing engagement and performance— because it strengthens a teacher’s delivery, clarity, and productivity.

About FrontRow

FrontRow is a technology company that helps schools communicate effortlessly with students, groups, and devices. Schools choose FrontRow for better academic outcomes and a safer, more efficient campus. Solutions include:

  • Classroom sound for media and teacher voice reinforcement
  • Automated lecture capture and distribution
  • AV control and management
  • Campus communication and control:
    • IP paging
    • Intercom
    • Bell scheduling
    • Automated emergency response

FrontRow is part of the William Demant Group, which comprises 45 companies, in 20 countries, that develop, manufacture, and sell innovative technological solutions in the hearing healthcare and educational fields. Listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE3247), consolidated sales exceed US$1.4 billion.