Piedmont School District Pioneers Classroom Flipping, Leverages FrontRow Classroom Audio and Campus Communication to Maximize Student Impact

Piedmont School District Thrives with FrontRow Juno Classroom Audio, Smart Mics, and Lesson Capture

Piedmont turned to FrontRow to help smoothly run their district while increasing student engagement, making lesson delivery easier, creating spaces that are more conducive to learning.

Petaluma, Calif. (April 19, 2018)—California’s Piedmont Unified School District provides a stimulating educational environment for 2,700 students. Part of their formula for success is making their classrooms easier to learn in with FrontRow classroom audio and making their campus easier to run with FrontRow’s campus communication technology. As well, their classroom flipping with FrontRow’s Lesson  Capture technology helps students continue learning beyond school hours.

“Three things we are always looking to improve upon are teaching and learning, communication, and, of course, always improving safety. And the FrontRow system has helped us in all those areas,” says Adam Saville, Technology Coordinator for Piedmont Middle School.

Piedmont recognized their classrooms were vulnerable to the invisible barriers to learning that exist in almost every learning space — barriers like distance from the teacher, background noise, and echo. Saville and his team selected Juno classroom audio to help overcome these barriers.

“My favorite aspect is the ability to be heard anywhere in the classroom no matter where I am or how I’m facing,” says Piedmont Science Teacher Ted Greenebaum, whose classroom is set up in several pods of four students each. “I can speak in a low voice and still be heard. I’m finding kids are more engaged.”

But Piedmont’s leaders took learning a step farther with Juno. Using one-touch lesson capture, teachers can record important video and audio content almost effortlessly, and make it available to students to review at home. It’s an idea called ‘flipping,’ and Piedmont is a pioneer in this powerful new practice.

“In addition to actually amplifying my voice and making it more present over the classroom, [Juno] Lesson Capture allows me to record whatever is happening on my screen, whatever is being projected onto the smart board, and capture the audio through the smart microphone,” shares Daniel Kessler, another science teacher at Piedmont. “It gives students the opportunity to go back and review lesson materials for anything that they caught or any gaps in their learning. I think the confidence in what they are learning has increased.”

With the Juno technology in place in each classroom, Piedmont then asked FrontRow to link the systems together over the network using a communication platform called Conductor. This lets the district simplify communication across the entire campus: for school paging intercom, bell scheduling, and even alerting and emergency response.

“We are using FrontRow Conductor to make our school lives easier,” shares Attendance Secretary Michael Wong. “It allows us to set bell schedules, welcoming and dismissing chimes and tones, as well as communicate directly with individual classrooms and the whole school.”

About FrontRow

FrontRow helps schools communicate effortlessly with students, groups, and devices. More than 25,000 schools choose FrontRow for its easy-to-use products, better academic outcomes, and a more efficient campus. FrontRow ed tech solutions include:

  • Classroom audio systems (soundfield) for teacher voice, student voice, and media audio amplification
  • Automated lesson capture and distribution
  • AV control and management
  • Campus communication and control, including IP paging, intercom, and bell scheduling
  • School paging intercom systems

FrontRow is part of the William Demant Group—founded in 1904 and listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (CSE3247)—through 45 Group companies in over 20 countries, its consolidated sales exceed US$1.9 billion.


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  • Dan Kessler, Piedmont Middle School teacher, using his FrontRow Smart Mic to amplify his voice as he leads lecture and an experiment during science class.
  • Michelle Kerwin , Piedmont Middle School teacher, leads her students in a discussion of Avi's award-winning historical novel, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.
  • Ted Greenebaum, Piedmont Middle School teacher, using his FrontRow Smart Mic to amplify his voice during his science class.

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