Campus Control

Get control of your buildings

Diagram showing how FrontRow Conductor allows campus-wide control and communication

FrontRow Conductor is a campus-wide control and communications center that works over your school’s LAN.

Conductor™ is a robust IP-based control and communications solution that covers your entire school. Whether it’s establishing a schedule for routine commands and announcements, or preparing for disruptions from late start days to true emergencies, Conductor gives you more power to keep the situation under control and communicate clearly.

What can you use Conductor for?

A properly-programmed and -implemented Conductor system lets you control or communicate practically anything across the school. Here are just a few examples:

  • Identify zones in your buildings with a few mouse clicks — say, all 3rd grade classrooms, the second floor hallways in the science building, and so on. Then make pages to any or all of those zones over your network. If you one day need to change zones to reflect a new arrangement of classrooms, Conductor makes it a job of a few seconds — no need to call in a tech to rewire your PA.
  • Pre-record a daily message from the principal to play at a scheduled time, leaving the principal free to be engaging with staff and students elsewhere on campus.
  • Establish your standard bell schedules with a variety of tones and set them to run automatically. If you need a late start day due to weather, for example, it takes only a few clicks to shift the schedule.
  • As part of your emergency planning, program Conductor with a powerful alarm button for the situations you want to be prepared for. For example, hitting the button for a tornado alert can play a distinct audio alarm to all zones, display an evacuation map on all projectors and digital signage, and play clear, pre-recorded instructions over the speakers. For a lock-down, with a single command, you can simultaneously lock all doors against an intruder, issue an automated announcement about what’s happening, send digital alerts off-campus, and more.

Integrate and simplify your communications

In a typical district, classroom AV, PA, security systems, and networks have virtually no relationship to one another. Classrooms often have two unrelated sets of amplifiers and speakers — one for paging, and one for multimedia and voice. The result is hundreds of meters of redundant wiring in the walls, and copious hours spent on duplicate installation. Systems don’t talk to each other. And management responsibility is often split between IT, facilities, and instructional technology.

Conductor makes you more efficient by using existing wiring in your networks. It communicates through the speakers and amps already in your ezRoom AV systems. And it integrates with IP phone systems and door relays — so redundancy goes away. It is available preinstalled on a dedicated server or can be deployed on a virtual server. Its open architecture can be easily mastered by IT staff, so you’re not signing up for an endless stream of outside technician and consulting bills. No other district communication tool offers Conductor’s impressive operational and financial benefits.

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