Classroom Audio Systems

Teacher uses the FrontRow Teacher Smart Microphone

FrontRow's award-winning classroom audio systems are proven to help improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

Our classroom sound (also known as soundfield) solutions cater to a wide range of learning environments and goals. Whether you need systems that are invisibly installed or prefer ones that can be plugged in and ready to go, FrontRow has a solution for your school.



Clean & Connected Classroom AV System

The ezRoom classroom AV system mediates day-to-day operations to maximize the effectiveness of learning environments. Built to order and easy to install, it impacts the full learning ecosystem—serving all stakeholders (students, teachers, administrators, and even parents).

ezRoom’s nucleus is its PlenumCore, a plenum-safe insert that mounts perfectly on US or metric ceiling grids and that holds your pre-wired components with room to expand. Featuring flush-mounted speakers, control panels, and AV input plates, ezRoom seamlessly integrates into the learning space while supporting instructors and students to deliver presentations and lessons more easily and clearly.

Please refer to product specifications chart below.

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Teacher wearing FrontRow Smart Microphone

Teacher using FrontRow Teacher Smart Microphone
All-in-One Classroom Audio + AV

Juno with Bluetooth® is the easiest way to get whole-class audio coverage without any installation, just plug it in and it is ready to go. Juno comes with the necklace-style pendant teacher smart mic for lesson delivery and student microphones can be easily added for increased student participation. Media audio is frequently part of instructional content and needs to be heard just as clearly as the teacher and student voice; Juno easily streams instructional content audio from Bluetooth-enabled tablets, notebooks, and displays. When you plug Juno into your network, it becomes Juno Connect and connects you to your colleagues and to your other teaching tech tools.

Please refer to product specifications chart below.

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Teacher using FrontRow ToGo system in gym
Portable Sound

Completely portable, FrontRow ToGo is the audio system of choice for coaches, physical education instructors (for gyms, dance class and P.E. class), bus line coordinators, yard duties, and anyone else needing speedy and simple voice amplification or media amplification anywhere in the school. Its powerful rechargeable battery, collapsible stand, and optional carrying case let you talk or play music far from power sources. And with wind-resistant boom microphones and OptiVoice™ speech-clarifying technology, ToGo is as audible at a soccer meet or bus line as it is in a classroom.

Please refer to product specifications chart below.

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Teacher using FrontRow Teacher Smart Microphone in class
Pro Digital
Classic Classroom Audio

FrontRow Pro Digital is an excellent choice for schools wanting wall-mounted speakers and not needing their classroom sound enhancement system to be on their campus network. It’s supremely good at  delivering on the core mission of classroom sound: speech clarity. Pro Digital also incorporates an Adapto™  digital algorithm that checks hundreds of times per second for acoustic feedback — the harsh  squealing that can plague analog mic systems. Teachers can move freely without noisy disruptions, making it easier to teach calmly and clearly. Pro Digital works with your current 8 Ohm speakers, or any FrontRow two to four speaker package.

Please refer to product specifications chart below.

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Product Specifications for our Classroom Audio Systems



Frontrow ToGo Portable Audio

Pro Digital

Frontrow Pro Digital Classroom Audio


Frontrow Juno Classroom Audio


Frontrow ezRoom Classroom Audio Configuration Sample

  Portable Audio Classic Classroom Audio All-in-One Classroom Audio + AV Clean & Connected Classroom AV System  
Flipped Classrooms & Digital Content ToGo Pro Digital Juno ezRoom  
Automatic Lesson Capture & Sharing  
Class2Class Distance Learning Support      
Adapto Digital Feedback Suppression    
Bluetooth® Audio Streaming        
Voice Command      
AV Control & Two-Way Communication ToGo Pro Digital Juno ezRoom  
Networkable     ✔*  
Voice Activated Intercom     ✔*  
Paging     ✔*  
Digital Page Override     ✔*  
Bells/Alerts     ✔*  
Network/Serial Device Control     ✔*  
Voice Activated AV Control     ✔*  
Installation-Free & Portable Voice Amplification ToGo Pro Digital Juno ezRoom  
Indoor Use  
Outdoor Use (not weatherproof)        
Integrated Speaker Line Array      
Battery Power Option        
Carry-Case Available      
Installed Amplification (Emphasizing Voice Clarity) ToGo Pro Digital Juno ezRoom  
OptiVoice™ Speech Clarification  
PrioriTeach™ Teacher Voice Priority      
Integrated Infrared Sensor N/A    
Installed Amplification (Emphasizing Media Clarity) ToGo Pro Digital Juno ezRoom  
Audio Inputs 1 2 5 3  
Speaker Expansion Module      
Audio Output (PFM/Podcasting) 1 1 1  
Stereo Sound    
Features ToGo Pro Digital Juno ezRoom  
Supports Expandable Learning Spaces  
Number of Systems per School 16** Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited  
Energy Savings    
Directly compatible with...

PFM Devices

(direct transmission, rebroadcast)

PFM Devices


PFM Devices


PFM Devices


One-touch Operation    
Touch-Screen Interface      
Lead Free/RoHS Compliance  
Simultaneous Microphone Channels 2 2 5 5  
Microphone Channel Choices 16 2 7 (2 Legacy) 7 (2 Legacy)  
External sensor inputs N/A 3 2 2  
Optional Student Microphone  
Transmission Technology FM Infrared Infrared Infrared  
Platform Analog Digital Digital Digital  
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years  
*Available with Juno connect
**More systems possible with channel separation