Compatible Products for Use with FrontRow Devices

Products tested and approved for use with FrontRow devices

Q: How do I extend the Juno USB cable beyond 5m?
A: The following USB extenders are available:

iOgear - USB 2.0 Booster Extension Cable - 39ft/11.9 meters
Gefen - USB 2.0 over CAT-5e extender up to 330 feet/100 meters

Q:  My Mac notebook doesn't have a 3.5mm microphone input jack, how can I capture audio from my FrontRow audio system?
A:  The following external USB soundcard can be used to make your audio connections:

AFUNTA 7.1 Channel USB External Sound Card Audio Mic Adapter

Q:  How can I capture a video of me as part of my Teacher Edition lesson capture?
A:  The following application can be used to display the image from your webcam on your computer screen:

Yawcam - Display images from a webcam on your screen to be captured by the Teacher Edition Capture software

Q:  How can I mute my Pro Digital system when an announcement is made over my school's PA system?
A:  Use the following Radio Design Labs relay to automatically  mute your Pro Digital system anytime an announcement is made over your school's PA system:

Audio Controlled Relay
Power Supply (needed for above relay)
Installer guide

Q:  Can I use any other device to stream audio when I already have a device paired and connected to a Juno with Bluetooth?
A:  When a device is paired and connected to Juno then no other devices will be able to stream audio. You may use an external transmitter, we'd recommend the Avantree Priva III which has the lowest latency of the devices we tested, and good reliability and sound quality, but if you want to switch to streaming from their phone they need to turn off the device (easy to do).

Avantree aptX LOW LATENCY Bluetooth Transmitter


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