Conductor 2.0

Conductor 2.0

The most advanced campus communication
system just got even better.

Conductor Admin Station

Hundreds of schools and districts rely on Conductor™ each day to keep their campus running smoothly and safely. With the new versions of Conductor and Maestro™, schools are more in control, more efficient, and more prepared.


FrontRow Conductor

More Elegant

A new Admin Station with capacitive touch screen and SSD drive improves responsiveness and performance. The separate desktop speakers have been eliminated for a smaller footprint, and if you prefer to use a keyboard and mouse, they are now wireless to keep clutter at a minimum.

Using the improved interface on the new touch screen makes the whole Conductor experience feel like the future of campus communication is here today. Everything is at your fingertips and easy to access.

More Robust   

FrontRow DRS5000 Server


The new backup and restore ability of the DRS5000 server means you can restore from any daily, monthly, or yearly snapshot in seconds, so you can minimize downtime in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. The Flashback USB drive is included, or mount your own local or virtual drive.


FrontRow Conductor


Keep everyone moving to the same beat of the drum with TimeSync. The DRS5000 server will regularly push the current time to your FrontRow control panels so that bells and clocks are always in sync. No more students jumping up early.

FrontRow DRS5000 Server

Secure Email

Support for SSL/TLS encryption allows for compatibility with modern email servers, both local to the school or on the internet. Use email in your trigger scripts for emergency alerts or scheduled reminders.


FrontRow Conductor

Under the Hood

Conductor 2.0 is built with the latest code libraries and tools, and includes numerous fixes and minor improvements to keep Conductor synonymous with reliability.

More Convenient   

FrontRow Conductor Home Page

Home Page

A new server home page makes it easy to get to any of the DRS5000 services such as Webmin, the Encore license server and Maestro room control. A new status page displays version info, backup status, and internet connectivity status.


FrontRow Conductor Map

Maps & Images

Now you can easily page or intercom to a map location, for easy communication. You can even design your own custom console for paging so that each zone gets a graphic button. Upload multiple maps for district communication. You have the power!

FrontRow Device Discovery Feature

Device Discovery

Configuration is faster with the new device discovery feature. Scan for FrontRow devices, then add them all at once to Conductor or Maestro without ever entering an IP address or room name.


FrontRow Conductor

Device Management

Jump to the configuration web page from any device. Sort by IP address. Refresh the device list status to quickly show new master CM3000s. These are just some of the convenience improvements in Conductor 2.0.

Upgrading is easy

Simply insert the FrontRow Flashback USB drive into the DRS5000 then enter a couple commands. The upgrade only takes a few minutes. Then install the new client apps on your Windows Admin Station PC or Laptop and you’re done. Everything will continue to work as normal - your bell schedules, devices, alerts, and scripts will all be there. You can even leave the USB drive in the DRS5000 as your backup drive. Make sure you’re ready for the 2015-2016 school year and upgrade to Conductor 2.0 this summer!


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