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Note: For ezRoom configurations without the Smart Receiver, contact us for a quote

Flush-mounted or visible receiver?

FrontRow ICR-01

FrontRow PlenumCore with Smart Receiver

Do you want voice amplification?
Choose up to 5 microphones per classroom (any combination)

Do you want automated lesson capture?

FrontRow Teacher Edition

FrontRow Teacher Edition Control

AV Connections
Choose one or any combination of up to 3 ezRoom AV plates to connect and play sound and video sources (e.g., computer, Blu-ray). Most modern sources use HDMI, but older equipment may have VGA output. When choosing 2 HDMI, the display must have 2 HDMI inputs.



FrontRow AV Wall Plate for Computer

FrontRow WP-HD

FrontRow AV Wall Plate for Computer

FrontRow WP-HD

FrontRow audio out AV wall plate

AV Control
Control Projectors, displays, audio, and other devices. Also, create buttons for intercom or alerting (Conductor users only).

FrontRow rotary volume knob

 FrontRow Keypad Controller

FrontRow rotary volume knob

FrontRow EncoreFrontRow Encore




We'll add 1 T-bar per lay-in speaker for your 2x4 ceiling grid


Sensors - choose up to 3 sensors per classroom (any combinations below)
Sensors are needed for your system to pick up wireless microphone audio.


FrontRow wall sensor

FrontRow ceiling sensorFrontRow ceiling sensor

FrontRow ceiling sensor

Use with public address systems

FrontRow page override









End-User Training (for teachers, principals, technology managers, anyone!)


Accident & Theft Coverage
FrontRow's accident & theft protection program (called OOPS) provides free replacement of product damaged by spills, drops, theft, and other classroom mishaps in 3 days or less. It even covers worn out rechargeable batteries and mics. (NONE OF THESE ARE COVERED BY THE STANDARD 5-YEAR WARRANTY!) Select from 1-5 year plans.



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