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Teachers, we are here to help you overcome the invisible barriers to learning

... with Juno, an all-in-one classroom audio with amazing digital sound quality. Amplifies teacher and student voices through microphones and amplifies audio from multi-media which can be plugged into tower or connect via Bluetooth.

If students can’t hear the instructor clearly, class is over before it starts. How can classroom audio technology help?

You’d be shocked to learn how much kids miss in class. And frankly, so would they. FrontRow classroom sound systems overcome a problem most people aren’t even aware of — that 25% of what the teacher says in class never reaches students’ brains. In the back of the classroom, the amount of missing information approaches 40%.

Student cannot hear the teacher and she's bored

Children can't listen like adults do.

Unlike adults, young students are developing language skills and lack the vocabulary needed to expertly fill in the blanks when they miss a new word or word ending. Children are surprisingly poor at using context to reconstruct what their ears have missed — a task that adults perform easily and unconsciously.


Students cannot hear the teacher and are bored

Most classrooms aren’t the ideal place for learning.

Research over the last decade has shown that kids farthest from the teacher can miss up to 40% of what’s being said. When it's that hard to keep up, it's no wonder they stop paying attention, cause disruption, and perform more poorly.

The limitations of childrens' brains and coping skills, plus the obstacles of noise and distance from the teacher, combine to erode speech perception, attention, behavior, and overall classroom performance.


Teacher with Juno Microphone

Teacher microphones: An essential tool for success

By ensuring the teacher’s voice sounds clear no matter where students sit, FrontRow microphones can overcome the hurdles of unamplified classrooms. Our audio technology makes a significant impact on the attentiveness and achievement of hundreds of thousands of students every day.



Frontrow Juno with Bluetooth has fills classroom with sound

FrontRow Juno®: All-in-one classroom sound with amazing digital sound quality, and time-saving lesson capture.

  • Boosts listening, participation, confidence, and comprehension
  • Up to 25% greater volume so even the kids in the back of the room can hear
  • OptiVoice technology emphasizes those speech frequencies that contribute most to meaning
  • No harsh ringing noises thanks to built-in feedback suppression
  • Easy to use, All-in-one system that can expand to be a part of your school’s paging, intercom, and emergency notification system
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Tips for making a successful Project with the Juno Classroom audio system

70% of all projects are fully funded. Follow these suggestions directly from Donors Choose to give your project an edge!

  • Be specific: Frame your project around the needs of your students. Explain this in a way that's vivid, compelling, and inspiring for potential donors.
  • Tell a story. Illustrate why and how the project will help your class. Describe the issues you face today. Tell potential donors how classroom audio will improve your students chances for success.
  • Let your students shine. When writing about your students, focus on their interests, strengths, and aspirations — not just their struggles. Ask yourself if your students and their parents would feel proud of themselves after reading your essay.
  • Get the Word out! Use your public profile. It's a one-stop shop to showcase your efforts on Create a custom URL and share the link so your friends, family, and network can always see what your classroom is up to.
  • Tell your community. Organizations like rotary clubs, small businesses, local media, and school PTAs have supported teachers across the country. Ask your PTA if they will include a direct link to your project in their communications!
  • If you need more tips to make the most of your project check out these tips directly from Donors Choose. Need more inspiration? See an example of a successful project from Mrs. Thomas of Finley-Oates Elementary School.

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We are here to help. Once signed up, one of our reps will contact you to help you along your way. It’s our goal to make sure you are successful. To get you started, Frontrow will Donate the first 20% to your project*. We’ll also highlight your project on our social channels to try to get you the most exposure possible.

 *To be funded by FrontRow, projects must be posted before May 1, 2020. Donations from FrontRow are up to $398 in value and can only be applied to the material cost of projects that include a FrontRow Juno Tower with Bluetooth and FrontRow manufactured accessories. Funding from FrontRow does not gaurantee a project's success. For any and all inquiries or to seek further details of this promotion please use the contact us form on this website.


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