DuO technology

Even coverage from an installation-free product


Thanks to DuO technology, FrontRow ToGo can easily clarify the teacher's voice for students on the far side of the classroom.

DuO Speaker Technology

Line array more effective than a single speaker

It's tempting to equip your classroom with a single speaker — a flat panel, mini, or some other scheme — because it's cheap and quick. Unfortunately, this won't give your students equal access to the teacher's voice. And that's after all the whole point of your sound system.

That's why FrontRow uses DuO™ technology in the ToGo product: to balance your need for fast installation with complete coverage for students.

How DuO works

A single speaker — whether typical cone diaphragm or flat panel — is meant for a single listener. It's simply not capable of evenly covering an entire classroom. Just as a single lightbulb would adequately illuminate only one corner of the room, a single speaker will not be heard equally well throughout the room by all students.

For this reason, we usually recommend installing at least four speakers in your classroom. However, if you're looking for a portable system or need to eliminate installation costs, the only practical solution is DuO technology, using multiple speakers in a single cabinet. Because sound waves reinforce each other as they leave the line array's speakers, sound energy spreads more evenly throughout the listening zone.

DuO technology is available exclusively in the FrontRow ToGo product.

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