ezRoom Classroom AV System

FrontRow ezRoom classroom AV system is practically invisible when installed

ezRoom® Classroom AV:
For a great-looking installation that's more connected and more convenient

Built to order and easy to install, this “everything-but-the-display” solution offers integrator-quality options within its all-in-one convenient system, supporting your classroom voice amplification, AV control, remote management, and school paging/alerting needs.



It's easy

Clean and connected classroom audio. Just say what you want your ezRoom to do, and let us worry about what connects to what. We gather all the components, pop in the right expansion modules, and wire everything into a plenum-safe enclosure before shipment. The entire solution requires only a single electrical outlet and optional network connection. That makes for a much easier and faster installation.

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Interior of FrontRow ezRoom PlenumCore with Smart Receiver

FrontRow ezRoom components offer over 7 million combinations of professional AV options
Endless combinations
of pro-level options

ezRoom systems are easy, but they’re also serious AV power. We handle HDMI, switching, voice reinforcement, voice commands, integration with school bells and paging system, emergency alert buttons, automation, projector control and management, and much more. Practically any communication or control need within the classroom or across the campus is easy for ezRoom.

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FrontRow ezRoom PlenumCore exterior blends into ceiling grids
Practically invisible

The heart (and brains) of most ezRooms is the PlenumCore — a plenum-safe enclosure that fits US or metric ceiling grids* and that contains your pre-wired components with room to grow. Combined with flush-mounted speakers, control panels, and AV input plates, your ezRoom doesn’t dominate the room; it just helps instructors present and teach more easily and clearly.

*If you don't have a drop ceiling, don't worry: the Smart Receiver can mount to the wall too. (In fact, there's a package just for that.)

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Teacher wearing FrontRow Smart Microphone
The digital advantage

ezRoom is built around our digital Smart Receiver, so you get convenient features available nowhere else, like:FrontRow ezRoom Smart Receiver

  • Control ezRoom and even your display with voice commands
  • Wipe out harsh squealing with Adapto feedback suppression
  • Record, automatically title, and post recordings of lessons for students
  • An EPP-Ready system: Hold the Smart Button on the mic to alert to the front office of a problem

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Connect to more (and better) things

ezRoom is meant to integrate with other technology. Use it to control your projector, for example, either from a touch panel on the wall, an iPad app, or your voice. Use it to remotely manage that same projector — and hundreds of others. Or, link your ezRooms together over the network to take advantage of Conductor, FrontRow’s powerful campus-wide communication system. Schedule bells, direct paging to different zones, handle intercom calls, get alerts from staff, and respond to emergencies with actions like locking doors or displaying evacuation instructions. Whether you take advantage of this connectivity today or years from now, ezRoom is your gateway to this communication power.

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FrontRow ezRoom can send emergency alerts

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