ezRoom Communication Systems

Classroom voice amplification, AV control, remote management, school paging, and alerts.

Frontrow’s ezRoom simplifies classroom management and enhances classroom communication. From voice amplification to AV control, this “everything but the display” solution seamlessly integrates all your classroom technology into a single, easy-to-use system. When combined with Conductor, ezRoom room goes beyond the walls of the classroom to become a part of your campus-wide communication system.

Making sure every student has the same ability to hear their teacher or lesson supporting media, regardless of where they placed in the classroom, has been Frontrow’s mission since our beginning. Our classroom sound systems overcome a problem most people aren’t even aware of — that 25% of what the teacher says in class never reaches students’ ears. In the back of the classroom, the amount of missing information approaches 40%.

Crystal clear sound for the entire class.

Even highly effective teachers can benefit from voice reinforcement. Learning environments are often noisy. To understand 100% of speech sounds, children need to hear the teacher’s voice spoken 15 decibels louder than the background noise. Amplifying the teacher’s voice should be a critical consideration for any ezRoom system. Our teacher pendant microphones help improve comprehension while our student pass around microphones encourage participation.

frontrow teacher microphone

Flexible, scalable, affordable.

Each ezRoom system is custom built and pre-wired to suit your specific classroom needs, whether serving as a stand-alone classroom audio solution or combined with Frontrow Conductor our campus-wide communications system. ezRoom boasts a wide variety of options to help connect and control everything from interactive touch displays, projectors, document cameras and more. ezRoom has an all-in-one system, flush mounted lay-in speakers or wall mounted IR speakers to suit any learning environment.

Convenient Classroom Control

ezRoom simplifies managing instructional technology. Turn on a display, switch media sources - even raise or lower shades - from our award-winning wall-mounted touch panels, computer or mobile app, or even by voice. For instructors, ezRoom consolidates all control into a single interface. For technologists, ezRoom provides universal remote management software to manage devices across the campus.

Frontrow control panel

Frontrow Conductor Admin Station, Mic, Keyboard, Mouse
Expand from classroom to campus.

Each classroom with an ezRoom system can be linked together over the network to become part of Conductor™, FrontRow’s powerful campus-wide communication system. Bells, direct paging, intercom calls, alerts, and emergency communication are routed through your classroom speakers. Teachers can respond hands free or even initiate an emergency procedure by pressing the panic button on their teacher microphone.


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