Patented OptiVoice™ improves comprehension

Almost any sound system will improve student comprehension. But FrontRow's patented OptiVoice technology makes it even easier for kids to understand the teacher — especially during noisy activities or critical tasks like test-taking and directions. FrontRow's patented OptiVoice technology strengthens consonant sounds to further boost comprehension.

To understand how OptiVoice works, it's important to realize that consonant sounds carry about 75% of the meaning in speech but are easily destroyed by background noise. OptiVoice protects these vital yet fragile consonants so kids can hear the difference between, say, 'cap' and 'cat.'

Just as important, OptiVoice follows the primary FrontRow design principle of 'strength inside, simplicity outside.' That means that a single switch does all the work of a complicated 12-band equalizer — so life's a little bit easier for installers, teachers, and students.

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