2300mAh NiMH AA SmartCharge™ Batteries (Two-Pack)

FrontRow Pro Digital and ToGo Microphone Batteries

2300mAh NiMH AA SmartCharge™ Batteries (Two-Pack)

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Includes 2 SmartCharge™ batteries.

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SmartCharge™ batteries prevent one of the leading causes of microphone damage: accidental recharging of Alkaline batteries. Use with confidence in all Pro Digital & ToGo microphones. Fits 930TM, 940TM, & 950H microphones (1 battery required in each), 925T Teacher microphone for ToGo 925 & 925H Student Pass Microphone  (2 batteries required in each).

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Pro Digital

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The Pro Digital was designed to disappear into the room. A tiny package with crisp digital stereo sound, it works with your existing 8 Ohm speakers …MORE

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