2x2 Metal Plenum Enclosure with Smart Receiver


2x2 Metal Plenum Enclosure with Smart Receiver

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Includes the following components pre-wired and installed in enclosure:

  • 2x2 Plenum ceiling enclosure
  • Smart Receiver
  • 5-port ethernet switch
  • Power supply
  • US/CA power cable
  • US/CA voice commands
  • 4 harness cables
  • Cable clamps
  • Nylon bushing
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The heart of the system, the FrontRow Smart Receiver is a networked amplifier, wireless mic receiver, signal processor, power distributor, and controller all in one, housed in a plenum rated 2x2 enclosure designed for drop ceilings.

  • Supports up to 5 mics and 3 audio devices like computers, mobile phones, or Blu-ray players
  • Adapto digital feedback suppression
  • OptiVoice digital EQ
  • Voice command for initiating actions
  • 2 audio outputs for lesson capture and assistive listening systems
  • Network, serial and IR connections for remote management and device control
  • IP Paging-ready
  • LED Beacon for visual queues
  • Includes network switch so only one drop to the classroom necessary
  • Includes serial cable to connect to display/projector
  • Connect HDMI devices like laptops and doc cams by adding the HDMI extender with audio de-embedding (HDMI-X1). Supports up to two HDMI extenders/audio de-embedders (HDMI-X2).
  • To add more devices to the enclosure, add a power strip (CMPL-PWR)

Technical Specifications

ICR-01 Smart Receiver
Transmission type: Infrared
Receiving frequencies: 2.1MHz, 2.4MHz; (2.8MHz, 3.3MHz, 3.6MHz with Channel Expansion Module)
Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz
Signal-to-noise: >70dB
THD: <1% @ 1kHz
Maximum audio output power: 2 x 10w (8Ω), 2 x 15w (4Ω)
Power supply: 18VDC @ 3.4AMP
Network Support: 10/100 Mb/s (Auto Sensing)
Baud Rate: 2400 – 115,000 baud
Size (wxhxd): 34.92 x 16.8 x 5.5cm/13.75 x 6.5 x 2.75in
Weight: 1.72kg/3.8lbs
ICR-01 Smart Receiver
Input power jack (mains 18Vdc, 3.5A)
Input power jack (PoE 12-18Vdc, 30W)
(3) RCA jacks for external sensor connection
3.5mm audio out jack (with gain control)
3.5mm audio out jack (max gain output)
(3) RCA stereo audio in jacks (with stereo sound output)
(1) serial communications port
(1) RJ45 Jack Pair (supplying 12VDC to power and connectivity to control panels
(1) 5V, 1A power output (for network switch)
(1) 18V, 2A power output (for HDBaseT HDMI receiver)
(1) 5V, 1A power output (for HDMI audio de-embedder)
(1) Terminal block for analog page override
(1) RJ45 intercom input jack
(1) 3.5mm IR blaster port
(1) RJ45 Network Jack
(2) captive screw loud speaker terminals (second is optional). Left and right (stereo output)
(1) captive screw general purpose input (GPI) relay terminal
(1) captive screw RS232 serial control input/output terminal (3 position)




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