Analog Ceiling Speaker Set

FrontRow Ceiling Speaker Set for Classroom

Analog Ceiling Speaker Set

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Incl: 4 coaxial speakers, tile bridges and metal speaker enclosures designed for plenum spaces

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+ Description and Overview 


  • Full range for faithful reproduction of voice and music
  • Great sound coverage
  • Separate back enclosure, designed for plenum spaces, prevents sound from traveling to other classrooms
  • Mounts flush with ceiling for neat installation

Technical Specifications

Distributed Ceiling Speaker
Average sensitivity: 86dB-SPL 1W/1M
Speaker type: coaxial: 10cm/6.5in woofer, 2.5cm/1in tweeter
Impedance: 8Ω nominal
Continuous power: 30W
Peak power: 45W
Frequency response: 60Hz to 20kHz
Dimensions (Dia x d): 21.7 x 7 cm / 8.5 x 2.75 in
Weight: 1.1kg/2.5lbs
Mounting: Metal tile bridge, steel back enclosure, built for Plenum spaces



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