Conductor Admin Station


Conductor Admin Station

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Front office Admin Station for Conductor includes:

  • All-in-One Touch PC with Conductor™ client software
  • UPS Battery Backup
  • CB-65 all-call PA mic
  • CM3000 master controller
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Printed Conductor User Guide
  • FrontRow mousepad
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • UTP Cat5e cable
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+ Description and Overview 

Complete front office station for Conductor communication. Designed for easy touch access to key functions like school paging and intercom, emergency alerts, and answering calls, the Conductor Admin Station works with the DRS-5000 server and FrontRow audio IP endpoints on the network to provide effortless communication for schools and districts. Conductor allows office managers and administrators to make school announcements, intercom calls, trigger emergency alerts, set bell schedules, stream music, create zones, and more. 

  • Create customize bells, tones, and music sequences
  • Create alert buttons to play audio and simultaneously control devices
  • Page (one-way) to any zone, multiple zones, or to the entire campus
  • Intercom (two-way) communication with FrontRow network equipped classrooms 
  • Import maps and custom images
  • Page or intercom via maps and images
  • At-a-glance device status
  • Create unlimited zones and zone groups
  • Color coded bell schedules and calendar
  • Control buttons for shutting projectors off, locking doors, sending emails, and more.
  • Programmable bell or control action schedules
  • Automatic or manual email actions
  • Assign schedules to the entire calendar year at once
  • Easily change the daily bell schedule for any day
  • Control third party devices via FrontRow networked hardware 
  • Stream music live from the admin station
  • Full screen mode creates kiosk style interface
  • FrontRow device discovery for fast configuration
  • Receive calls and alerts on any PC or Mac with the Conductor Notifier application
  • Convert and record custom audio with Conductor Audio Tools application

Rave Award InfoComm 2016 FrontRow Conductor won BEST of InfoComm 2016 Award from rAVe [Publications] for Best New Classroom Accessory at InfoComm in June 2016.



Technical Specifications


Push-to-Talk Microphone

Input power: +12V (ITC port on CM-3000)
Connector: RJ45
Microphone Modes:
• PTT (push-to-talk)
• PTM (push-to-mute)
• On-Off toggle
Sensitivity: 5.6 Mv/Pa (millevolt/Pascal)
Size (HxWxD): 344 x 114 x 178mm/13.54 x 4.49 x 7.01in
Weight: Net 690g/24.34oz
Bandwidth/stream: <1% of a typical 100 Mbps network
Network Requirements
Streaming Devices/Server: 250, in single Class C range
Subnet: Primary (attached) server network port requires Class C subnet regardless of the network architecture. No restrictions on secondary (non-attached) network port, except that it must not be part of the same network as the primary network port.



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+ Product Line 


Conductor™: IP-Based Campus Control

When it comes to flexibility, security, and clarity, nothing beats a network-based IP paging system, and Conductor leads the pack …MORE

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