FrontRow Desktop Software

FrontRow Desktop Software with Juno Lesson Capture and Mic Settings for Classroom

FrontRow Desktop Software

The FrontRow Desktop Software includes Juno lesson capture and Microphone Settings application.  Please note, the FrontRow Desktop software application sold with Juno systems prior to May 2014 is discontinued and will no longer be updated. If you are re-installing the FrontRow Desktop with an existing license purchased prior to May 2014, click one of the links below.

+ Description and Overview 

The FrontRow Desktop Software includes our exclusive Juno lesson capture system which allows you to make a video of teacher & student voices, media audio, and the computer screen, then automatically title and save recordings in universal MP4 format, ready to be uploaded.

Technical Specifications

Juno lesson capture specifications
Recording types: Screen and audio, screen only,
audio only
File format: mp4, m4a
Recording length: Unlimited
PC Requirements:
• Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
• 2GHz Processor or faster
• 1 GB of RAM
• 90 MB of hard disk space for program installation. 1GB for recording
Mac Requirements:
• Mac OS X, version 10.6 or later
• Minimum processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
• Memory: 1GB or minimum recommended by OS; HDD space: 1GB



User Guides FrontRow Desktop Software User Guide (Windows) FrontRow Desktop Software User Guide (Mac) Juno Lesson Capture Setup Guide
Software FrontRow Desktop Software(Windows) FrontRow Desktop Software(Mac OS)  
  Microphone Settings Application (Windows) Microphone Settings Application (Mac OS)  
Warranty Warranty Info (.pdf)    


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Juno®: Classroom Audio & Lesson Capture

The benefits of classroom sound have been proven in study after study. But does sound quality make a difference? …MORE

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