Juno with Speaker Expansion Module and IR Speakers


Juno with Speaker Expansion Module and IR Speakers

Product Number: 
  • ITR-02 Juno Tower Receiver
  • ITM-01 Pendant Microphone Kit
  • Teacher Edition Desktop Software License
  • Audio Cables
  • USB cable
  • Speaker Expansion Module
  • IR Speaker Kit
  • Combo cables
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 1 Year FrontRow Software Assurance
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+ Description and Overview 

For extra sound coverage in very large spaces, use this package that includes two infrared speakers (no Bluetooth in this package). Simply mount the extra speakers near the far end of the listening area.


  • Integrated Sensor: Integrated high sensitivity infrared diode array.
  • Digital, 3 Speaker 2.1 Array: Two mid-range HF drivers and one woofer provide full, rich stereo sound.
  • LCD Touch Screen: Lockable full-color touch screen control.
  • Stereo Quick Connect: Easily and quickly connect an MP3 player or other audio device.
  • Table/desk Stand: Sturdy desk stand is easily removed for wall mounting.
  • Additional Sensor Ports: Two ports for additional sensors for extra large spaces.
  • Channel Expansion Module Bay: Add the optional Channel Expansion Module to use up to five microphones with the Juno Tower.
  • 100mm VESA Wall Mount Screw Taps
  • Transmitter/USB Cable Hook: Hang your transmitters while charging from the tower. When not charging, the USB cable hangs from the center of the hook.
  • Speaker Expansion Module:  JN-IR has this module for the extra speakers for expanded audio coverage (note: because this is the same bay as the Bluetooth module, JN-IR is the only Juno package that does not have Bluetooth).
  • Page Override Module Bay: The optional module mutes all audio whenever an announcement is made over the school's public address system.
  • Easy Grip Handle: Integrated ergonomic handle makes carrying or moving the Juno Tower easy.
  • Auxiliary Output: Output with volume control for capturing lectures or to connect personal FM systems.
  • Stereo Inputs for External Audio: Connect other classroom A/V equipment such as a DVD player, television or VCR.
  • Serial Port: Using the included USB cable, connect to a computer running the FrontRow Desktop software application for remote control of the Juno Tower.
  • Integrated Serial Hub: Two ports for charging or programming microphones.
  • Custom Naming: Name is displayed on the LCD touch screen for easy identification.
  • Feedback Suppression: The next-generation Adapto™ digital engine actively scans audio 375 times per second to suppress feedback squeal before it starts.
  • Optimized Speech Clarity: FrontRow’s patented OptiVoice™ technology is designed to emphasize critical speech sounds, so kids comprehend even more.
  • Easy Lesson Capture: The Juno lesson capture system records screen and audio, then automatically titles and prepares the recordings for upload.
  • Class2Class: Supports distance learning by removing audio echo when using Skype™ and other tools.
  • Voice Command: Control important functions by speaking simple voice commands into the teacher microphone.
  • Teacher Priority: PrioriTeach™ gives priority to the teacher microphone by reducing the volume of all other devices and microphones when the teacher microphone is used.
  • Advanced Software Control: Volume, 12-band EQ, speaker balancing, and more are controllable via Desktop Software while keeping the daily user interface neat and simple.
  • Amazing Sound Quality: Superb pick up and audio quality thanks to a high-isolation microphone suspension, broad frequency response, and low-distortion direct digital synthesis.
  • Single-Button Pendant Mic: Controls all of the features of the Pendant Microphone. Use with voice command to activate the Juno lesson capture software and control your Juno Tower.
  • Superior Mic Comfort: Lightweight (just 73.7g/2.6oz) with soft backing that provides comfort and reduces friction noise from contact with clothing, buttons or jewelry. Ergonomic lanyard suspension points keep the mic stable and help keep it from swinging away from the body when leaning over to help a student.
  • Lithium Ion Mic Battery: 3-year life expectancy, lightweight and rechargeable.
  • Adjustable Mic Power: Factory set to achieve complete coverage in a typical classroom with 7 hours of talk time. Increase talk time or expand coverage for very large rooms with a quick software adjustment.
  • Programmable Mic Channels: Program the switch positions to 2 of 7 available channels.
  • Digital Mic Naming: Assign custom names to microphones for easy identification on the Tower LCD and Desktop Software.
  • Mic Data Transmission: Reports battery status to Desktop Software, visible from an interactive whiteboard.

Technical Specifications

ITR-02 Juno Tower Receiver ITM-01 Juno Pendant Microphone IR Speaker Teacher Edition Software
Transmission type: Infrared Transmission type: Infrared Speaker type: Two 10cm/4in woofers; 2.5cm/1in tweeter Recording types: Screen and audio, screen only,
audio only
Receiving frequencies: 2.1MHz, 2.4MHz;
(2.8MHz, 3.3MHz, 3.6MHz with Channel
Expansion Module)
Transmitting frequency: 2.1MHz, 2.3MHz
2.4MHz, 2.8MHz, 3.3MHz, 3.6MHz programmable
Impedance: 4Ω nominal File format: mp4, m4a
Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz Frequency response: 70Hz – 8kHz Continuous power: 20W Recording length: Unlimited
Signal-to-noise: >70dB Microphone: Unidirectional cardioid Peak power: 30W

Windows System Requirements:

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7,
    Windows 8
  • 2GHz Processor or faster
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 90 MB of hard disk space for the application
    (recordings will require additional hard disk space)
THD: <1% @ 1kHz Battery life: 7 hours (typical) Frequency response: 150Hz to 20kHz

Mac Requirements:

  • Mac OSX - 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
  • 64-bit Processor (Core 2 Duo or later)
  • 150 MB of hard disk space for the application
    (recordings will require additional hard disk space)
Maximum audio output power: 40W, peak program Battery type: Li-Ion, 3.7V, 850mAH Dimensions (wxhxd): 355x130x230mm/14x5x9in  
Power supply: 18VDC @ 3.3AMP Operating range: 18.3m/60ft, line of sight (typical) Weight: 3.4kg / 7.5lbs  
Size (wxhxd):
Tower without base: 19.7 x 68.6 x 16.5cm/
7.75 x 27 x 6.5in
Tower with base: 35.6 x 71.8 x 26.7cm/
14 x 28.25 x 10.5in
Size (wxhxd): 7.4 x 6.6 x 1.3cm/2.9 x 2.6 x 0.5in Mounting: Wall mounting brackets provided  
Tower without base: 5.7kg/12.5lbs
Tower with base: 6.4kg/14lbs

Weight: 73.7g/2.6oz (with battery and lanyard)*

*Competitor models report weight without lanyard

Combo cable incorporates:
Speaker wire: 18 AWG 2 conductor UL listed CL3P Plenum-rated
Sensor wire: 15.25m/50ft RG59/u coaxial cable CL3P shielded,
UL listed Plenum rated jacket available
Operating range: 18.3m/60ft, line of sight (typical)   Sensor operating frequency: 2.3MHz & 2.8MHz  
Reception area: 274m2/900f2 (typical)   Sensor operating range: 18.5m/60ft line-of-sight (typical)  
    Signal/Power interface: RCA female jack  
    Number of IR photodiodes: 3  
    Power indicator LED: Green  
    Sensor reception area: 139m2/1500ft2 (typical with receiver sensors)  
ITR-02 Juno Tower Receiver ITM-01 Juno Pendant Microphone    

Input power jack

3.5mm aux input    
(2) RCA jacks for external sensor connection
3.5mm audio out jack
Charge/programming jack    
(3) RCA stereo audio in jacks (with stereo
sound output)
(1) 3.5mm stereo audio in jack (with stereo
sound output)
(2) serial microphone charging/
programming jacks
(1) serial communications port      
User Controls
ITR-02 Juno Tower Receiver ITM-01 Juno Pendant Microphone   Teacher Edition Software
Power Wake/mute/voice command button   Lesson capture manual controls
Master volume Channel select   Volume Control
Microphone volume (5)     12-band Equalizer
Auxiliary audio volume (4)     OptiVoice Settings
Audio out volume     Voice Command Settings
Tower settings     PrioriTeach Settings
      Microphone Power Adjustment
      Custom Microphone and Audio
Device Naming
      Microphone Channel Programming
      Firmware Updates



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Software Teacher Edition Software 45-day trial Teacher Edition Software for licenses already purchased  
  Microphone Settings Application (Windows) Microphone Settings Application (Mac OS)  
  FrontRow Desktop is discontinued, replaced with Teacher Edition Software: the FrontRow Desktop software application sold with Juno systems prior to May 2014 is discontinued and will no longer be updated. If you are re-installing the FrontRow Desktop with an existing license purchased prior to May 2014, click one of the links below. Note that the FrontRow Desktop Software includes Juno lesson capture and the microphone settings application.
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