Phone Adapter


Phone Adapter

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  • CMP500 interface
  • power supply
  • RJ11 cable
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+ Description and Overview 


  • Adds all-call, zone paging, and individual room paging from any phone: Users dial an extension and use touch-tone buttons to deliver a page to the right areas.
  • Dial-in device control and automated actions: In addition to paging, you can use the CMP-500 to trigger actions — lock doors, play pre-recorded emergency announcements, change what shows on digital signage, and more.
  • Universal phone compatibility: Works with cell phones, analog PBX, and any SIP phone system via a standard ATA bridge.
  • Easy setup: Because the communication between CMP-500 and Conductor is pre-programmed, setup is very simple once you've defined your zones and action commands in the Conductor client.
  • Secure: Add a security code for extra protection.
  • Built-in intelligence: Includes essential features like telephone line fault monitoring, Calling Party Control/Open Loop Disconnect detection, and silence timeout.

Technical Specifications


CMP500 Universal Telephone Interface

Network support: 10/100Mb/s (auto sensing)
Compatibility: Analog (PBX) with DTMF tone decoding, SIP (via ATA bridge), mobile
Power supply: 12VDC at 3.5A
Size (WxHxD): 13 x 14.9 x 2.86cm/ 5.125 x 5.875 x 1.125in
CMP500 Universal Telephone Interface
  • (4) RJ45 network input jacks
  • (1) 12VDC power jack
  • (4) RJ11 phone jack
  • (1) 3.5mm mic/line audio input jack
  • (1) 3.5mm line audio output jack
  • (1) RJ45 intercom input jack
  • (1) 3.5mm infrared remote output jack
  • (1) captive screw serial control terminal
  • (4) captive screw GPO/GPI relay terminals



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Conductor™: IP-Based Campus Control

When it comes to flexibility, security, and clarity, nothing beats a network-based IP paging system, and Conductor leads the pack …MORE

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