School Intercom Kit

FrontRow Wall Mounted Intercom

School Intercom Kit

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Wall mounted intercom unit fits standard single-gang enclosure. Includes: intercom, integrated speaker, integrated mic, status LEDs for power and mic activity, push-to-talk button with rotary volume, easy RJ45 power/signal connection to CM3000, Decora® plate

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  • Intercom system for school
  • Fits standard single-gang enclosure: Easy to add to your school hallways, gymnasiums or auditoriums for emergency communications where phones are not always available. Can also be used in outdoor areas with a standard weather proof enclosure case. Compatible with Leviton Decora® plates.
  • Integrated speaker
  • Status LEDs for power and mic activity
  • Integrated mic
  • Push-to-talk button with rotary volume
  • Easy RJ45 power/signal connection to CM3000 or Juno Connect

Technical Specifications


CB75 Intercom Module

Power supply: +12V, 100mA, over UTP Cat 5e from CM3000 / Juno Connect
Size (WxHxD): Fits standard North American single-gang electrical boxes
CB75 Intercom Module
(1) RJ45 input jack



Technical Specifications CB75-CB85 Technical Specifications    
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