Touch Screen Control Panel


Touch Screen Control Panel

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  • CB6000 touch control panel
  • Frontrow Control for iOS
  • plenum Cat5e cable
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+ Description and Overview 

Networked LCD touch-screen control with 48 programmable buttons.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, FrontRow Control is a dynamic, user friendly app that works directly with the CB6000 control panel. Instantly pair your mobile device with a CB6000 for classroom control.

Download FrontRow Control for iOS Download FrontRow Control for Android


  • Saves time & money: Organizes all classroom device control into a single, reliable touch-screen; allows remote/scheduled control of devices over the network — saving potentially thousands of dollars per year in projector bulb life alone.
  • Customizable and teacher-friendly: No hunting for the remote, and no button overload. Because the CB6000 is a programmable touch-screen, buttons can be logically grouped and then navigated via automatic page flips.
  • Easy to see, easy to use: Large, 9cm/3.5in color touch-screen with 320x240 resolution. Display information such as room number, course, and teacher’s name — even customizable with your school logo.
  • Date/time display
  • Built-in stop watch: A count-down clock is built in for timing tests and other activities.
  • Energy saving: Sleep mode keeps energy usage low and dims the display when not in use to avoid distractions in dark rooms.
  • IR learning: Need to control non-serial devices? The CB6000 has a built-in IR learning sensor to make configuration a snap.
  • More control: Simultaneously controls 2 serial devices (bi-directional, 2400 to 115k Baud), numerous network devices, and an infrared device. Easily switch the IR output to GPI for even more automatic action possibilities.
  • Networked: Communicates over standard 10/100Mb/s networks (auto-sensing) using either TCP/ IP or UDP protocols.
  • Puts even non-networked devices on the network: The CB6000 accepts network-based “pass through” commands — so FrontRow’s Encore™, Maestro™, and Conductor™ network software can control and help you manage devices that are not directly networkable!
  • Immediate or scheduled actions: A single button press can initiate one or more simultaneous or chained actions. What’s more, you can program the CB6000 to execute actions based on timed events — for example, shutting down all projectors at 8pm.
  • Remote update: As projectors and other controlled devices change, you can remotely update the configuration software.
  • Secure: The touch-screen can be passwordprotected; and network access can also be protected against unauthorized use.
  • Easier installation: Extremely easy to install either as a standalone controller or as part of a more complete ezRoom® system. Fits in virtually any US-standard double-gang AV box, electrical box, or surface box on a wall, lectern, or any flat surface. Just one UTP Cat 5e cable supplies power and control.
  • Easier configuration: Configuration is as simple and flexible as you need it to be. Use DHCP or static IP addressing and our pre-programmed, downloadable file for the projector you want to control. Modify these as little or as much as you like with the GUI touchscreen layout design software!
  • Broad compatibility: Works with practically any device that allows serial, IR, or network control; all FrontRow ezRoom® hardware, and the FrontRow Encore™, Maestro™, and
    Conductor™ network software.

Technical Specifications

CB6000 Touch-Screen Control Panel
Network support: 10/100Mb/s (auto sensing)
Serial Baud rate: 2400 to 115k baud
Power supply: 12VDC (via UTP Cat 5e)
Format: Double-gang
Size (WxHxD): 11.4 x 11.4 x 3.3cm/4.5 x 4.5 x 1.3125in
Weight: 113g/4oz
Control/Jump Buttons/Page: 8
Pages: 5
CB6000 Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • RJ45 network
  • RJ45 aux:
    • (2) bi-directional serial
    • (1) IR control output or general purpose input (GPI)
    • +12V input
User Controls
CB6000 Touch-Screen Control Panel
9cm/3.5in 320x240 resolution color touch-screen



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