Room Control and AV Management

Manage all your teaching technology with one tool

FrontRow room control and AV management diagram

FrontRow’s ezRoom simplifies managing instructional technology. For instructors, it consolidates all controls in a single interface. For technologists, it provides a universal remote management interface for hundreds of devices, regardless of model.

It’s Friday afternoon in fifth-period Algebra. Mr. Tenuda has spent the last five minutes trying to find the projector remote control. Ten percent of the class time has already evaporated, and the students are restless. When Mr. Tenuda finally finds the remote and tries to display his desktop, he sighs: All that shows up is a blue screen. The technology that was supposed to help improve his brief lesson time has instead derailed it.

FrontRow ezRoom or Juno Connect solutions could have kept Mr. Tenuda’s vibrant lesson plan on schedule. From projectors to interactive whiteboards to document cameras, FrontRow AV Systems integrate multiple AV sources and give the teacher a single point of control — either a control panel on the wall, a virtual one on the computer, or even simple voice commands. No more fumbling around in front of students. No steep learning curve. Teachers can use what they want, when they want, to connect with students in a media-rich environment.

Save time and money

Now suppose our distracted Mr. Tenuda forgets to turn off the projector. Hours of costly bulb life could burn away in an empty room over the weekend — but they won’t. ezRoom creates a seamless bidirectional link between serial projectors and your network. Then, our Maestro™ management software lets you control them online — even if they’re not directly networkable. Set up a schedule to shut down all projectors automatically, or do it yourself with a single mouse click…even while catching a taxi to the airport.

Networked for total control

The ezRoom platform is highly modular — there are over 360 ways to build yours, and hundreds more tasks you can command it to perform. Yet at the heart of each is a network connection, and in some cases a full network switch. That lets teachers control their equipment from a tablet, and keeps technologists in charge of it all. So the same day you upgrade your projectors, you can update ezRoom from your office.

School-friendly configuration

We know that quickly installing many rooms and managing them for years is key to your success. That’s why we offer pre-built configuration templates for classrooms, plus simple tools for activating and updating your ezRoom AV systems efficiently.

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