Conductor School Intercom System

Conductor™ is a robust IP-based control and school communications solution that covers your campus.

Whether it’s establishing a schedule for routine commands or preparing for disruptions -- from late start days to true emergencies -- Conductor empowers you to communicate clearly and to keep the situation under control.


What can you use Conductor for?

A properly-programmed and -implemented Conductor system lets you control or communicate practically anything across the school. Here are just a few examples:

  1. With a few mouse clicks, identify zones in your buildings. Then easily page any or all of those zones over your network. Whenever zone changes are needed Conductor lets you do so instantly, no rewiring or outside help needed.
  2. Pre-record a daily message from the principal to play at a scheduled time, leaving the principal free to engage with staff and students elsewhere on campus.
  3. Establish your standard bell schedules with a variety of tones and set them to run automatically. If you need a late start day due to weather, for example, it takes only a few clicks to shift the schedule.
  4. As part of your emergency planning, program Conductor to alert staff of situations using the smart teacher mic or control panel. For example, pressing the button for a tornado alert can play a distinct audio alarm to all zones, display an evacuation map on all projectors and digital signage, and play clear, pre-recorded instructions over the speakers.
  5. Emergency response is easily activated with Conductor. For example, trigger a lock-down with a single command and simultaneously lock all doors against an intruder, issue an automated announcement via text, email or phone calls, on and off-campus.

2-Minute Video: Is Your Campus Communication Stuck in the Past?
1960s technology isn’t up to 21st Century demands. Many school buildings are still relying on decades-old 70V analog technology to communicate with students and teachers.

Integrate and simplify your communications

In a typical district, systems don’t talk to each other. And management responsibility is often split between IT, facilities, and instructional technology. Classrooms often have two unrelated sets of amplifiers and speakers — one for paging, and one for multimedia and voice. The result is hundreds of meters of redundant wiring in the walls, copious hours spent on duplicate installation, and unnecessary expenses.


3.5-Minute Video: How Richgrove District stays informed, on time, and safer
Richgrove School District, in California's farm country, needed a better way to handle paging, bells, emergency response, and other campus-wide communication.

Conductor brings operational and financial benefits by efficiently using existing wiring in your campus and district networks. Easily mastered by IT staff, minimizing the need for outside technicians, it communicates through the speakers and amps in your ezRoom AV systems, reducing redundancy by integrating with IP phone systems and door relays. It is available preinstalled on a dedicated server or can be deployed on a virtual server.

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