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5 FrontRow Smart Microphone characteristics

A Smart Mic for Smarter Schools

From effortless teaching to better communication in a crisis, FrontRow’s microphone technology outshines the rest. FrontRow microphones are common in K-12 classrooms, as the benefits of clearer communication between instructors and students have become well-understood and obvious. But FrontRow’s microphones do more than make it easier for students to understand — they also greatly expand schools’ power for teaching, communicating with staff, and taking action in emergencies. That’s because FrontRow solutions are smart. The computers inside our products save time and effort, and help schools do far more than you might think possible.




Control displays with your voice

The pendant teacher microphone (necklace mic) for our Juno® and ezRoom® AV systems turns voice commands into instructions that your projector, display, and many other devices can understand. Want the monitor on? Say “power up.” Switch inputs? Say “source 3.” No more hunting for the remote!

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Teacher using FrontRow Smart Microphone for projector

School principal using FrontRow Conductor
Call the front office

Say “intercom,” and your networked FrontRow mic system can ring the front desk, letting you talk through your mic and speakers.

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FrontRow Smart Microphone allows teachers to send emergency alerts
Alert the response team — and even fellow teachers — to a problem

The FrontRow mic button (and other fixed buttons in the room) can be set to send a help alert to the front office, campus police, nurse’s station, and anywhere else required by your Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP). For schools using FrontRow’s ezRoom or Juno Connect systems, our technology can also silently alert other classroom teachers, and give visual cues that the message was received and that help is on the way. If necessary, using FrontRow’s Conductor campus-wide platform, authorities can trigger a school-wide alert (for example, a lock down or evacuation process).

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Teacher using FrontRow Smart Microphone
Hands-free, work-free lesson capture

As effective as video is for homework reinforcement and flipping, most teachers don’t have extra hours to spend recording such content. But FrontRow mic systems like Juno and ezRoom make recording effortless. Just say “begin,” to start recording screen content and voice/media audio. FrontRow’s software titles the video based on the schedule and posts it where you want students to view it. That’s it — done!

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More coverage, longer life

FrontRow’s Generation 3 Infrared technology (IR-G3) gives our Smart Mic more than triple the power of other mics without reducing battery life. It’s immune to the interference that can plague radio-based mics, especially in large buildings. And thanks to exquisite digital algorithms at the receiver, IR-G3 can recover a voice or an alert signal in scenarios that can defeat other systems. Unlike mics that use cordless phone technology, IR-G3 infrared mics don’t need to be paired to a base station. That means they’re both easier to use and potentially safer in an emergency. An alert made from FrontRow’s Smart Mic can be picked up by any FrontRow receiver — not just the one it’s paired with. In a crisis, when teachers may be moving quickly throughout the building, that small detail can be critical.

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Characteristics of FrontRow Smart Microphone

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