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frontrow cb65 microphone
Product Number: FR-AD-KIT
Use your own PC as a Conductor Console or use for talk-back with Notifier Station. Ideal for a...
Product Number: FR-ADMIN
Complete front office station for Conductor communication. Designed for easy touch access to key...
FrontRow DRS5000 Server with Conductor & Maestro License
Product Number: DRS-5000
The DRS5000 is a versatile 1U Rackmount Linux server that operates as the central administrator for...
FrontRow talkback kit, empty front view
Product Number: 6112-00010
Single-gang desktop mount for CB-75; CB-50; CB-2000.   Downloads...
FrontRow talkback kit, front view
Product Number: FR-TBK
When using Conductor Notifier on additional PCs or Macs, the Talkback Kit is an affordable way to...
frontrow mini conductor server, front view
Product Number: DRS-TEMP
Mini-PC server with the Conductor Admin Station. For use as a BACK-UP SERVER ONLY to TEMPORARILY...
FrontRow Teacher Edition Capture with USB / Audio wall plate
Product Number: TE-C-USB
Capture the computer screen and summed audio from the ezRoom with Teacher Edition capture software...
FrontRow Teacher Edition TE-CC package
Product Number: TE-CC-USB
Capture and control the computer screen and summed audio from the ezRoom with Teacher Edition...
FrontRow USB / Audio wall plate
Product Number: 1000-00015
For Teacher Edition USB and audio capture connection to ezRoom.
FrontRow Conductor desktop speakers
For use with Conductor™ admin station. Incl. 2 speakers.       ...
Frontrow 4X4 HDMI Matrix with Audio De-embedding, front view
Product Number: 6400-00033
Key Benefits: Allows 4 HDMI audio/video sources to be simultaneously distributed to up...
FrontRow juno student microphone
Product Number: 1000-00040
Support participation and audibility of discussions with FrontRow’s student classroom wireless mic...
NEW! Major digital upgrades & new features
FrontRow PlenumCore nologo
Product Number: C502
See it in 360° The heart of the system, the FrontRow Smart...
NEW! The CONNECTED sound solution
Smart Receiver
Product Number: EZ-IR
See it in 360° The FrontRow Smart Receiver is a networked...
Product Number: AT0824
Replacement tripod stand for ToGo
Power supply
Product Number: AT0819
Replacement power supply for battery charger  (918C; 923C; and 925C) for ToGo
Battery Door
Product Number: 900-7402-176
Replacement battery cover for Student Microphone (925H, 922T, and 917T) for ToGo
Wall Mounting Bracket
Product Number: 890-88-322-00
Wall mounting bracket for ToGo system