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FrontRow Juno Bluetooth Speaker for Classroom
Product Number: 1000-00058
  Juno Connect...
FrontRow Smart Microphone for Teacher
Product Number: 1000-00039
The FrontRow wireless teacher microphone is delightfully simple — does more with just one button...
NEW even easier LCD screen!
FrontRow Juno Bluetooth Speaker with Teacher Microphone and Lesson Capture
Product Number: 1000-00081
  Juno Connect...
FrontRow Juno Student Microphone
Product Number: 1000-00040
Support participation and audibility of discussions with FrontRow’s student classroom wireless mic...
frontrow ezroom c300 with itm-02l pendant microphone
Product Number: C300
Networked AV core unit. Technical Specifications Specifications...
FrontRow ezRoom Wall Box with Symbio for Classroom
Product Number: W300
Networked AV core unit. Technical Specifications Specifications...
frontrow symbio with itm-02L teacher microphone
Product Number: SYM-TM
Features: Adds voice reinforcement to ezRoom: Works with 940TM and ITM-02L infrared...
FrontRow Replacement Power Cable for ezRoom
Product Number: 6414-00098
Replacement power cable.

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