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FrontRow Juno Student Microphone
Product Number: 1000-00096
Support participation and audibility of discussions with FrontRow’s student classroom wireless mic...
Frontrow Mini HDMI 2.0 matrix front
Product Number: 6400-00065
The 4x4 HDMI 2.0 matrix simultaneously routes 4 HDMI sources to 4 HDMI displays. It supports...
FrontRow Bluetooth Audio Receiver isometric view
Product Number: 2000-00031
Compatible with Frontrow ezRoom ICR-01 Smart Receiver, CM3000 amplifier/controller, or CM800Si...
Frontrow Volume/Pairing/Audio Input Kit with faceplace
Product Number: 1000-00109
Single gang with rotary volume control | Bluetooth pairing button | 3.5mm audio output with gain...
Frontrow AA Battery NiMH
Product Number: 374-88-070-00
SmartCharge™ batteries prevent one of the leading causes of microphone damage: accidental...
FrontRow Smart Microphone for Teacher
Product Number: 1000-00095
The FrontRow wireless teacher microphone is delightfully simple — does more with just one button...
FrontRow Smart Microphone for Teacher
Product Number: 1000-00039
The FrontRow wireless teacher microphone is delightfully simple — does more with just one button...
Product Number: 300-2176-124
Incl: 1 75-ohm Double shielded; plenum coaxial cable for ceiling and wall sensor; 15m/50ft
Product Number: 040-7151-102
9-volt DC 500mA power supply for CB2000; CB5000; CM800; and CB6000. (US/CAN only).
Frontrow 5 port ethernet switch
Product Number: 6400-00013
For ICR-01 based ezRoom. Does not include power cable. This is a 5-Port Unmanaged 10/100Mbps...
FrontRow Juno Microphones Rechargeable Battery
Product Number: 6410-00004
Incl: 1 battery FrontRow products that use this battery: Juno ISM-01 Pass-Around...
FrontRow ToGo Replacement Battery
Product Number: 374-88-010-00
This replacement battery for your ToGo receiver keeps you mobile indoors and out.
FrontRow ToGo Behind-the-Neck Microphone for Teacher
Product Number: 890-88-300-00
This boom mic keeps the mic element stable and close to the mouth for great sound quality even in...
FrontRow Clip and Cord for Lapel Microphones
Product Number: 890-88-304-00
Replacement clip and lavalier cord for lapel microphones
FrontRow ToGo Teacher Lapel Microphone for Classroom
Product Number: 890-52-380-00
Connect to ToGo body-worn transmitters. Recommended for use indoors. For outdoor applications, use...
FrontRow Belt Clip for ToGo Teacher Transmitter
Product Number: 330-7402-103
Replacement belt clip for all ToGo and Radium teacher transmitters.
FrontRow Standard Power Cord
Product Number: 300-7348-101
Replacement US/Canadian standard power cord.
FrontRow Power Supply for Juno and Lasso
Product Number: 040-7358-102
Replacement power supply for 5301R Lasso and ITR-01 & ITR-02 Juno.

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