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FrontRow ToGo Speaker with Teacher Microphone and Charger
Product Number: 925SYS-216
Completely portable, FrontRow ToGo incorporates a DuO™ precision-mounted speaker array for...
FrontRow ezRoom Wall Box with HDMI for Classroom
Product Number: W200
Networked AV core unit. Technical Specifications Specifications...
FrontRow Power Supply for Juno Microphone Charger
Product Number: 040-5089-101
Replacement power supply for Juno IMC-01 microphone charger.
FrontRow Micro USB Cable for Juno Microphones
Product Number: 300-6333-101
To be used with the Juno ISM-01 Pass-Around Microphone (Student Mic) and ITM-01 Pendant Microphone...
FrontRow Teacher Classroom Control Software for iOS
Product Number: TE-IOS
Teacher Edition for iOS works in conjunction with the FrontRow CB6000 control panel to allow users...
Use with free FrontRow Control for iOS app
FrontRow ezRoom Touch Screen Control Panel
Product Number: EZ-T
Networked LCD touch-screen control with 48 programmable buttons. Controls up to 2 serial and 1 IR...
FronRow Keypad Classroom Control Panel
Product Number: 510-2000-101
This simple, 8-button, customizable control panel is independently networkable — the panel alone...
FrontRow Conductor Console Client Software for Windows
Effortless Communication   Conductor allows office managers and administrators to...
Bottom View of FrontRow Lay-In Ceiling Speakers for Classroom
Product Number: 470-2856-160
Features Great sound coverage Mounts flush with ceiling for neat installation...
FrontRow Headset / Microphone Splitter for Teacher
Product Number: 300-6332-139
For use with laptops with single headset / microphone jack, splits for audio in and audio out....
FrontRow Audio Out AV Wall Plate for Classroom
Product Number: WP-A
Takes the line out from ezRoom amplifiers and brings audio into the room for lesson capture.
frontrow symbio with itm-02L teacher microphone
Product Number: SYM-TM
Features: Adds voice reinforcement to ezRoom: Works with 940TM and ITM-02L infrared...
FrontRow Backup Power Supply for Juno Connect
Product Number: 850-6020-104
This PoE (Power over Ethernet) extractor is for use with Juno Connect. The existing power supply...
Open View of FrontRow Plenum Ceiling Enclosure with Holes for Classroom
Product Number: 320-2000-002
The 1x2 plenum ceiling enclosure is a lockable equipment enclosure designed for plenum spaces;...
FrontRow Juno Speaker Expansion Module for Classroom
Product Number: 890-52-480-00
40W amplifier module for powering additional speakers for larger rooms. (Requires installation into...
FrontRow ezRoom Keypad Classroom Control Panel
Product Number: EZ-B
This simple, 8-button, customizable control panel is independently networkable — the panel alone...
FrontRow Keypad and Rotary Classroom Control Panel
Product Number: EZ-B5
Combines our classic 8-button, customizable control panel with an intuitive rotary volume control...
FrontRow Rotary Volume Controller for Classroom
Product Number: CB-50
Features: Decora® panel: Can be dual-ganged with CB2000, freeing up button for other...

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