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FrontRow Juno Student Microphone
Product Number: 1000-00096
Support participation and audibility of discussions with FrontRow’s student classroom wireless mic...

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FrontRow Pro Digital and ToGo Microphone Batteries
Product Number: 374-88-070-00
SmartCharge™ batteries prevent one of the leading causes of microphone damage: accidental...
FrontRow Smart Microphone for Teacher
Product Number: 1000-00095
The FrontRow wireless teacher microphone is delightfully simple — does more with just one button...
FrontRow Standard Power Cord
Product Number: 300-7348-101
Replacement US/Canadian standard power cord.
FrontRow Power Supply for Pro Digital
Product Number: 890-88-047-00
Replacement power supply for Pro Digital 940R receiver.
frontrow Pro Digital System with Ceiling Speakers, Ceiling Sensor, and Lesson Capture
Product Number: PD-CSP-CS-TE
This great-sounding, four-ceiling-speaker package also includes Teacher Edition software for...
Frontrow Pro Digital System with IR Speakers and Lesson Capture
Product Number: PD-IR-TE
The PD-IR-TE features all of the benefits of the Pro Digital PD-IR package, plus our fantastic,...
Frontrow Pro Digital System with IR Speakers
Product Number: PD-IR
Our most popular Pro Digital package, the PD-IR features FrontRow's exclusive great-sounding (and...
Frontrow Pro Digital System with Ceiling Speakers & Ceiling Sensor
Product Number: PD-CSP-CS
Great-sounding full coverage in this four-ceiling-speaker package. Features One-Touch...
Frontrow Pro Digital System with Ceiling Speakers & Wall Sensors
Product Number: PD-CSP-WS
This four-ceiling-speaker package features two separate wall sensors — useful for odd-shaped rooms...
FrontRow Pro Digital System and Teacher Microphone
Product Number: 202-00-410-00
Use this kit to add a Pro Digital system to your existing speakers. Great for upgrades from older...
2 FrontRow Wall Sensors for Classroom
Product Number: 204-01-008-00
Easy-to-install, corner-compatible bracket allows proper angling for optimum room coverage. LED...
FrontRow 2-Mic Charge Cord for Pro Digital
Product Number: 300-6497-105
Charge two microphones from the back of your Pro Digital or Tempo receiver using this simple cord.
FrontRow Wall Charger and Power Supply for Pro Digital Microphones and Drop-in Charger
Product Number: 040-7150-105
Wall Charger for the 940TM (pendant) or 950H (handheld) Microphones. Power Supply for 950C Drop-in...
FrontRow Pro Digital Student Microphone Charger
Product Number: 202-01-481-00
Energy efficient drop-in charging. Charges both the 940TM and 950H microphones neatly and...
FrontRow Student Pass-Around Microphone
Product Number: 202-01-482-00
The original student-friendly mic. Easy to hold, even for small hands — just 14.6cm/5.7in tall....
FrontRow Speaker Cables for Classroom
Product Number: 300-2176-127
High-quality, plenum-rated speaker wire for peace of mind. Pre-cut for ease of installation.
FrontRow IR Speaker Combo Cable for Classroom
Product Number: 300-2176-125
Saves up to half the installation time when used with FrontRow's infrared speakers. Combines sensor...

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