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FrontRow Classroom Phone Adapter
Product Number: CMP-500
Features: Adds all-call, zone paging, and individual room paging from any phone: Users...
FrontRow Wall Plate with Optical HDMI Cable and HDMI Patch Cable for Classroom
Product Number: WP-HD
Single-gang wall plate. Connect computers, tablets, Blu-Ray players and more to drive HDMI...
FrontRow Wall Mounted Intercom
Product Number: CB-75
Features: Intercom system for school Fits standard single-gang enclosure: Easy to...
FrontRow Cable Lock and Cable for Plenum and Tile Bridge Cores
Product Number: 330-0001-003
Secures plenum and tile bridge cores
FrontRow TB8 Terminal Block for Classroom Rotary Volume Controller
Product Number: 310-2546-108
Adds RJ45 connectivity to CB-50.  The TB-8 adds RJ45 connectivity to devices without RJ45...
FrontRow Replacement Power Cable for ezRoom
Product Number: 300-6332-122
Replacement power cable.
FrontRow Wall Plate for Classroom Computer and DVD with Cables
Product Number: WP-PCAV
Connect a computer (or document camera) to a ceiling mounted projector and amplifier using the VGA...
FrontRow Serial Cable that carries control signals
Product Number: 300-2176-140
Carries RS-232 control signals to devices such as projectors.
FrontRow IR Emitter Cable that carries control signals
Product Number: 520-3001-001
Used to carry control signals to IR-controllable devices (e.g., DVD players, Apple TV).
FrontRow Ceiling Talk-Back Microphone for Classroom
Product Number: CB-85
Features: Fits standard single-gang enclosure: Ceiling-mounted, hands-free, talk-back...
FrontRow ezRoom Amplifier for Classroom
Product Number: CA-1000
Basic amplification and control unit for ezRoom configurations. Features: Software...
Left View of FrontRow Backup Power Supply for School  Announcements
Product Number: PD-20W
This POE extractor is specially-designed to keep your critical announcements audible during a power...
FrontRow Audio Analog Page Override for Classroom
Product Number: 310-2546-134
Lets your CM3000 network amplifier mute when a page comes over your analog paging system (CM3000...
FrontRow Power Distributor for Classroom Audio
Product Number: 310-2546-114
Multi-function module distributes power to Symbio receiver, CM3000 amp, and HDMI components, plus...
FrontRow Cat5e UTP Cable for ezRoom, Conductor, and Juno Connect
Product Number: 300-2176-154
Use this plenum-rated cable in ezRoom, Conductor, and Juno Connect applications.
FrontRow Juno Communications Module for Classroom
Product Number: 890-52-483-00
FrontRow Audio Video Control Software for Windows / Mac
Product Number: 821-2000-200
Desktop user interface for virtually any device Organizes all classroom device control into a...
FrontRow Juno Communications Module for Classroom
Product Number: JN-CT-UP