Success Stories / Testimonials

FrontRow helps schools communicate effortlessly with students, groups, and devices. Schools choose us because our platform is easy to use and blends seamlessly in their network of educational technology. Schools around the world use FrontRow to support highly effective teachers, and create a safer, more connected campus.

Keeps everyone informed, on time, and safer
Richgrove School District keeps everyone informed, on time, and safer with FrontRow Conductor
"My tech support calls for classrooms dropped nearly 95%..." - Paul Taylor, Luthor College IT Analyst
Tremendous flexibility in bell scheduling
Jon McNeil, Director of IT shares how easy it is to set up and change bell schedules with FrontRow Conductor
Coomera Anglican College shares why they chose FrontRow over many other competitors to fulfill their needs; to schedule and modify campus communication quickly and easily based on students’ and teachers’ needs.
FrontRow provides integrated solutions to modern learning environments. Here's what we did for St. Francis in Kingston, Ontario

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