Success Stories / Testimonials

FrontRow helps schools communicate effortlessly with students, groups, and devices. Schools choose us because our platform is easy to use and blends seamlessly in their network of educational technology. Schools around the world use FrontRow to support highly effective teachers, and create a safer, more connected campus.

The passive learning is over
Kernsville Elementary in Pennsylvania teach students that their voice is important and what they say matters with Juno
Boosting participation and confidence
Boosting listening, participation, confidence, and comprehension with FrontRow Juno
3rd-grade teacher from Richard Crane Elementary School shares how FrontRow made her teaching life easier
Students clicked into teachers easily
High school math teacher shares FrontRow classroom audio's impact
1st-grade teacher shares how Juno saved her from laryngitis
"My tech support calls for classrooms dropped nearly 95%..." - Paul Taylor, Luthor College IT Analyst
Learn how Edinburgh's Royal High School is positively impacted by FrontRow's Juno system
Monique, year 4 teacher shares how FrontRow Classroom Microphone helped her teacher life easier
District technology coordinator shares why FrontRow is top choice for all
Making classroom easier to learn in with Juno
Piedmont School District thrives with Juno classroom audio, Smart Mics, and Lesson Capture
Mr. Hunt is unboxing the Juno with students and sharing their honest opinion on how this will impact their learning environment
FrontRow provides integrated solutions to modern learning environments. Here's what we did for St. Francis in Kingston, Ontario

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