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"We are using Frontrow to make our
school lives easier."

Michael Wong, Piedmont Attendance Secretary
Why do technologists love FrontRow? Hear it from them...

Piedmont uses Frontrow Conductor to set bell schedules

Piedmont Optimizes Learning and School Communication

“It allows us to set bell schedules, welcoming and dismissing chimes and tones, as well as communicate directly with individual classrooms and the whole school. It was quick to learn, really intuitive, and it’s just a really useful tool.”
Michael Wong, Attendance Secretary, Piedmont Unified School District

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From Product Quality to Customer Service, Why FrontRow is the Top Choice for Technologists

“We have looked at a variety of different vendors and FrontRow was the best choice based on just the quality of the products … Feedback has been nothing but positive from our faculty and staff. We’ve noticed a real change.”
Sean Beavers, Technology Coordinator, West Morris Central & Mendham High School

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More success stories...

The problems you might have with your current campus communication system...

Outdated & hard to implement changes

Costly and inefficient to manage

Leaves campus vulnerable in an emergency

Technologists love Conductor because it makes their lives easier. Conductor unifies redundant systems and connects every part of the campus. Its open architecture is robust yet easy to master for IT staff. Conductor scales to meet the needs of the school. For those with advanced networks, Conductor can be deployed in a virtual environment. No other district communication tool offers Conductor’s impressive technology benefits.

Learn how Frontrow's IP-based Conductor platform can help simplify paging, bell scheduling, intercom, and emergency response for schools around the world!

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