ToGo Portable Audio


FrontRow ToGo Speaker
Your voice, ToGo.

Completely portable, the plug-in or battery-powered FrontRow ToGo is perfect for P.E. class, the school bus line, the gymnasium, the playground, or anywhere else you need quick and easy voice or media amplification.



Your choice of mics

Choose from the rechargeable hand-held mic, the wind resistant boom mic, or the inconspicuous lapel microphone also known as lavalier microphone.

With 16 possible channels per system, and a range of up to 110ft, ToGo is an invaluable tool for teachers and administrators at school events, PTA night, recess, or before/after school.

FrontRow ToGo 2 Microphones

Compatible with FM Systems

ToGo operates on the same radio band used by personal assistive listening systems for students with hearing impairments. A single transmitter can communicate with both the ToGo and the students' personal devices.

Boy in class with hearing aid

Teacher carrying a FrontRow ToGo
Take your audio anywhere

Whether you want to address a whole class, a school at an assembly, or a bus line, ToGo provides great sound coverage indoors and out. Its powerful rechargeable battery, collapsible stand, and optional carrying case let you talk or play music far from power sources. And with wind-resistant boom microphones and OptiVoice speech-clarifying technology, ToGo is as audible on the track and field as it is in the gymnasium.


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