Our products help schools overcome very different communication challenges, are simple-to-use, offer long term savings and are proven to be effective in study after study.

Introducing a New Wireless Transmission Technology Designed for the Modern Classroom

Introducing ELEVATE, a new transmission designed specifically for education. ELEVATE leverages multiple transmission technologies to enable functionality for the modern classroom.

Sound Equity in the Classroom

Not all students get the same experience in the classroom. Poor acoustics, ambient noise levels, and a range of learning disabilities affect students.

Snowball Effects of Learning Loss

Learning loss is one of the most frustrating aspects of teaching. Unfortunately, learning loss can start a "snowball effect." Once the student starts to have difficulties in one learning area, it can affect their entire classroom experience. With COVID-19 creating many challenges for educators, you want to stop learning loss before it becomes a learning block for your students. Find out the simple solutions you can take to migrate these snowball effects in your classroom.

How Classroom Audio Helps Overcome Pandemic-Related Learning Loss

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, K-12 students are facing unprecedented setbacks in academic learning. Now that students are returning to the classroom, teachers and school administration face an even tougher battle to overcome pandemic-related learning losses and help students get back on track.

How Technology Helps Create Flexible Classrooms

Technology is enabling greater flexibility within the classroom environment to better incorporate differing learning modalities, accommodate multiple methods for delivering instruction, and ensure equity.  

New & Improved Juno Classroom Audio System