Watch the full FrontRow integrated solution in action

If you haven't seen some of the things Conductor can do with Juno Connect and ezRoom, have a look at this video. Announcements and calls, intercom via the teacher mic, emergency alerts, controlling signage and lighting, changing bell schedules, and an array of control options. 

If it isn't clear enough from this video, we believe that audio solutions work best when they work together and with other school systems. From the classroom to the campus, if your communication systems aren't connected and deeply synergistic, then you're not getting the full potential out of your investments. 

Conductor is powered by our DRS5000 server, which is the brains of the operation. We've updated this server to a new, more powerful class of server, complete with RAID disk array, locking front bezel, sliding rack rails for easy access, and an updated operating system, all with a three year warranty. This new server provides our Conductor customers with best-of-class performance for their critical communications and daily operations. (Download the specs here.)
DRS5000-Facing_Left.jpgBy the way, we now also offer the strobe light shown in this video. This is an ADA compliant strobe powered with DC wall adapter and triggered via contact closure relay. Add visual notification to any Conductor installation at the Admin Station or in hallways and large rooms. (Download the specs here.)