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Product Number: 300-2176-124
Incl: 1 75-ohm Double shielded; plenum coaxial cable for ceiling and wall sensor; 15m/50ft
FrontRow Bluetooth Classroom Speaker Audio Receiver
Product Number: 1000-00056
Enables wireless streaming audio to Juno from phones, tablets, computers, and media players. (...
FrontRow Classroom Desktop Speakers
For use with Conductor™ admin station. Incl. 2 speakers.       ...
FrontRow Classroom Lay-In Ceiling Speakers
Product Number: 470-2856-160
Features Great sound coverage Mounts flush with ceiling for neat installation...
FrontRow Classroom Speaker Expansion Module
Product Number: 890-52-480-00
40W amplifier module for powering additional speakers for larger rooms. (Requires installation into...
FrontRow Lay-in Ceiling Speakers and Ceiling Sensor
Product Number: SP-LCS
Features Great sound coverage Speaker cable clamp is included Speakers mount...
FrontRow Classroom Lay-In Ceiling Speakers
Product Number: SP-L
Features Great sound coverage Cable clamp is included Mounts flush with...
FrontRow Classroom Speaker Wall Sensor
Product Number: 204-01-008-00
Easy-to-install, corner-compatible bracket allows proper angling for optimum room coverage. LED...
FrontRow Classroom Speaker Cable
Product Number: 300-2176-127
High-quality, plenum-rated speaker wire for peace of mind. Pre-cut for ease of installation.
FrontRow Classroom Speaker Cable
Product Number: 300-2176-125
Saves up to half the installation time when used with FrontRow's infrared speakers. Combines sensor...
FrontRow Classroom Ceiling Speakers
Product Number: 470-2856-130
Features Full range for faithful reproduction of voice and music Great sound...
FrontRow Classroom Ceiling Sensor
Product Number: 204-01-010-00
Easy-to-install bracket allows quick and easy installation. LED power indicator lets you know when...
FrontRow Classroom Speakers
Product Number: 202-05-001-00
Combines speakers and sensors in a great-sounding, easy-to-install unit. Features...