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Our solutions help overcome communication challenges.

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Our History

FrontRow makes technology for effortless communication in any learning environment. And that helps you deliver a great education more efficiently. Although we think of it as a single platform, most users start out by focusing on one of four major FrontRow solutions: Classroom Audio, Campus Communications, Emergency Communications, and AV Control. Founded in 1963, FrontRow is headquartered in Sonoma County (California), and has offices in Toronto (Canada), Aalborg (Denmark), Shenzhen (China), Brisbane (Australia), and Hamilton (United Kingdom).



Our products are used in at least 25 countries around the world, including nearly 5,000 US K-12 districts. We are part of the Boxlight Corporation, which is a leading provider of interactive technology, digital signage, and software solutions for the global learning market.

What Drives Us

Every day, we put the skills of our great schooling to use, helping the schools that helped us. Thousands of elementary, secondary, and college campuses around the world use FrontRow technology to simplify, standardize, and improve the way they communicate with students, parents, teachers — and even other technology. They use our products to manage thousands of projectors. To start an intercom call with a simple voice command. Or to improve comprehension, student collaboration, and test scores. Our products help schools overcome very different communication challenges, yet they all have three things in common:



Our engineers based in California, Minnesota, and New Zealand live by a core design principle: “Strength inside, simplicity outside.” That means fewer buttons, more straightforward design, and easier installation. Our microphones, control panels, and software interfaces do the work, so you can do your job.

Long-term cost savings

Long-term cost savings

Tight budgets don’t mean sacrificing quality. Our audio and control products are, by design, a much better return on investment over time. From world-class reliability testing, to dramatic energy savings, to smarter network architecture that saves thousands of dollars in infrastructure and maintenance costs, we’re thinking long-term.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Effectiveness and Efficiency

School technology is worthwhile only if it makes technologists, teachers, and students successful. That’s why we devote ourselves to developing technologies like voice command of projectors and other devices, the patented OptiVoice™ speech clarification engine, or an open architecture to our control platform that lets you make the changes you want when you want. In ways large or small, FrontRow products just work better.