FrontRow Solutions Help Keep Schools Safe at Clint ISD

Instruct, inform, and alert with a FrontRow solution. Our feature rich systems not only enhance teaching and learning, but can also improve safety by enhancing emergency communication. With FrontRow, swift emergency notification and response is a button push away.

Success with FrontRow Juno classroom audio system in Twin Falls, Idaho

Once you have an instructional audio system in the classroom, your teachers will never want to go back. Teachers retire their teacher's voice and spare their vocal cords from strain. Meanwhile, students are engaged and learning more because they hear instruction clearly.

Prolonging Careers with FrontRow Classroom Audio Systems

Teachers experience vocal fatigue and other issues with their voices. FrontRow provides classroom audio distribution systems that allow teachers to speak naturally. Our smart technology enhances soft constant sounds, making teachers' voices clearer than using a "teacher's voice" can.

Juno Overcomes Masking at North Fork Elementary in Woodland, WA

Masks are no match against FrontRow #ClassroomAudio systems like Juno. Our technology removes barriers to learning and teaching in the classroom and online.

Clint ISD ezRoom Implementation with Dr. Martinez

See Clint ISD Superintendent Dr. Martinez talk about moving the Clint ISD into the bright future of classroom and online learning with FrontRow's seamless ezRoom technology!

Clint ISD sets a new benchmark for education delivery and school management

FrontRow worked with Clint ISD in El Paso, Texas to design a custom system to enable enhanced in classroom learning. This system gave them a leg up when the pandemic struck and the country moved to online learning. FrontRow Improves both online and in-person classroom experience by enabling teachers the ability to provide both live and recorded lessons for students from Pre-K through College Prep. The FrontRow system also includes important classroom safety and security features to quickly summon help in emergency situations.

Clint ISD in El Paso, Texas sets a new standard with FrontRow

Clint ISD successfully implements the FrontRow system with crystal clear sound in the classroom. When the pandemic stuck, they were already in good shape with the FrontRow system's integration to provide live and recorded online learning. FrontRow has taken the Clint ISD online and in-person classroom experience into the future!

Clint High School in El Paso, Texas Testimonial

School administrators and teachers are able to easily incorporate FrontRow technology to give high level online and in-person learning to students. FrontRow's technology is essential to provide virtual online classrooms throughout the pandemic. The "Teacher Microphone" is a favorite among teachers as it provides the ability to move freely around the classroom while still being clearly heard by all students.