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This Setup Guide is designed to help you set up your school’s alerting system. The notification and alerting System is designed to be combined with your individual emergency operations plans and procedures to help facilitate notifications and communication during an emergency event.

The CMP500 is a telephone interface kit which is used as an interface between an analog phone system and the FrontRow Conductor system . It can also be used with IP telephone systems through the use of a standard ATA Bridge device.

The DRS-5000 is a versatile 1RU (rack unit) Ubuntu Linux server that operates as the central administrator for Conductor, as well as providing centralized time synchronization to FrontRow CB6000 control panels

The DRS virtual server contains all the functionality of the hardware-based DRS-5000 but is deployed on a site’s existing server platform in a virtual machine environment.

This guide is designed for the person or team that will be installing and configuring the FrontRow equipment. The Admin Station Quick Setup, DRS5000 Configuration Guide, DRS-VM Configuration Guide, CM900 Installer Guide, CMP500 User Guide, and Conductor Pre-flight Checklist are the other companion documents to be used with this setup guide.

To make your configuration of the FrontRow Juno Connect as efficient as possible, we recommend that you first read the section in this guide called Before You Begin.