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5 Tips for Teacher Vocal Health

19 July 2018|Hannah Olson

As a teacher, you have to raise and project your voice on a daily basis, putting you at greater risk than individuals in different professions of having vocal problems. Having a frog in your throat while you are trying to teach is no fun, not to mention painful and even unproductive.

Here are some tips on how you can take care of your voice to help avoid croakiness:

1. Drink up!

Really! I am sure you have heard this many, many times, but drinking at least eight glasses of water per day is crucial. It will keep your throat hydrated, boost your mood and energy, and even help prevent headaches. That should give you a head start to having a successful school day.

2. Warm up your voice

Before beginning any class lesson, you can make it a routine to warm up your voice with some vocal exercises. According to Juliana Litts, a vocal therapist at the University of Colorado, the three best exercises are lip bubbles, tongue trills (r-rolls), and something she calls “the ‘whoooo.’” Check out this video of how to properly do these exercises.

3. Take breaks

Be sure to take several vocal breaks throughout the day and take a couple of minutes to simply relax. Maybe even consider changing aspects of your teaching style; for example, something as simple as ringing a bell to get your students’ attention—instead of raising your voice—can make a big difference.

4. Amplify without straining

The easiest way to guard against laryngitis is using a classroom audio system, a teacher pendant microphone and classroom speaker combo works wonders in any learning space. FrontRow’s Juno classroom audio projects sound evenly throughout the whole classroom, allowing every student, regardless of where you are in the room, to hear you clearly. You can speak in a natural tone of voice and watch student attentiveness and comprehension grow with this solution too.

5. Zzzzz’s and reps

Getting at least seven hours of sleep and at least a 30-minute workout daily will make a huge difference in your everyday lifestyle (and in mine!). Your energy and productivity will boost, as well as your overall health, which will also contribute to better vocal health.

I hope these tips will help chase the frog-in-your-throat blues away!

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