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Attend Your Next PD Session in Your PJs

08 April 2021|Hannah Olson

With every job there is a component of professional development. When you work in education, it usually means hours at the end of your teaching day, or a day off from the students, sitting in a session. Sometimes these are really great sessions that you don't want to miss — but may have to for a variety of reasons.

For the trainers, in the training centers, district or county offices, it takes quite a lot of coordination to ensure you have all people in attendance and that the information is disseminated clearly.

FrontRow Juno can make both hosting and attending professional development easier. How so?

For the Trainers: Now you can easily record your training sessions and make them available to those who need them. Initiate the FrontRow Juno with a simple voice command to behin audio and video recording. Once you've recorded what you need, Juno will automatically process, save, and post the file to your specified location. And Voila! Your PD Session is now in a place where everyone can find it and easily reference. This is perfect to train teachers on a certain practice or teaching pedagogy, demonstrating a how-to (use an LMS for example), or making it available to staff that couldn't attend live.

For the Attendees: Imagine "attending" your next PD session in your pajamas! Sitting cozily at home, sipping coffee, and watching a training on how to easily get started with capturing your own lessons. Not only can you rewind and watch again the parts you need extra time with, but it's also always available to you for future reference!

We have training centers and training teachers all over the country that are using Juno in exactly that way. Connect with us and we will connect you with them! Learn from each other how Juno helps make your professional development easier than ever.

Learn for yourself too, attend one of our weekly Juno webinars or request a free 45-day trial.