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Flop or Flip? 1-Step Classroom Flipping is Here!

04 May 2017|Hannah Olson

Powerful, teacher-created online instruction can be part of your school's daily routine — in literally minutes. Administrators are excited about 'flipped classrooms' because teachers using this model often get dramatically better outcomes. As most of you know, a flipped classroom simply inverts conventional teaching methods to deliver instruction online at home, and move 'homework' into the classroom.

The idea is to build more productive student-teacher interaction and the higher-order learning objectives from Bloom's taxonomy. As children watch lesson plans online after school, classroom flipping also gives parents an opportunity to be more directly involved with their children's lessons and contribute to their success.

Is a screencast video required to flip?

Absolutely not — but it certainly helps to ensure engagement and consistency. Here's why flipping flops:

The problem is that most teachers simply don't have the time to sustain a lesson-capture practice. It takes time to plan the content, sit in front of the computer, learn how to use the recording and editing software, and make it happen daily or weekly. Some teachers may lack the practical ability to find their recordings, edit and title them, and figure out how to distribute them to students.

Content recorded by others can fill in the gaps, but students and parents consistently demand content recorded by their own teacher — so any sustainable flipped classroom practice will eventually need to address this.

Just as important, many recording programs on the market can only record in formats that require a robust internet connection and the right kind of computer.

How flipping succeeds

Voice-activated, one-step lesson capture — it doesn't get any easier.

The practical challenges of flipping the classroom are why FrontRow created Juno. The Juno® lesson capture system makes it unbelievably easy to record high-quality audio/video clips (often called "screencasts") without adding any extra work to a teacher’s day.

  • Juno is voice-controlled, so teachers don’t even need to be at the computer to start, stop, and post a recording. They can capture an important concept on a whim, from wherever they are standing in the room.
  • Because it’s smart enough to automatically title the video based on teachers' schedules, Juno prepares files for upload without requiring teachers to do anything but teach.
  • Juno videos clearly show all the action on the teacher’s computer/interactive whiteboard with fantastic audio thanks to superior FrontRow mics.
  • Finally, because Juno records in the universal MP4 format, the recordings are accessible on practically any device – Mac or PC, computer or smart phone — so even students who lack computers at home can benefit.

Ready to learn more about classroom flipping with FrontRow’s Juno? Contact us today!