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FrontRow Classroom Audio at Stanford University

19 July 2017|Hannah Olson

For the fifth year in a row, at the end of June, FrontRow had the honor of providing the classroom audio systems for the Listen to Me! Summer Institute at the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, California.

Listen to Me! is produced by the Baker Institute for Children. The innovative work of the Baker Institute can transform the life of a child with hearing loss from one of isolation and disheartenment to full engagement in our hearing and speaking world. The annual conference is an intensive one-week training program for children, families, and professionals to learn how to foster listening and spoken language development with cochlear implants.

FrontRow’s foundation, starting in 1963, was deeply rooted in helping children with hearing challenges have equal footing in the classroom to those children with normal hearing. Since then, our mission evolved to help all students—hearing and hearing-challenged—achieve academic success through amplified classroom sound that reaches every corner of the learning space and maximizes the quality of their educational experience.

At the Listen to Me! Summer Institute:

  • Children participated in an auditory-oral class setting and receive daily listening and spoken language therapy sessions.
  • Parents attended educational presentations, therapy and class observations, role-playing for implementing goals at home, and a parent support group.
  • Siblings who have normal hearing had a summer camp experience designed just for them, including crafts, games, and outdoor activities.
  • Therapists, audiologists, teachers, and administrators were encouraged to accompany their clients or attend individually to participate in the experience and receive additional training.

Presentation topics for parents and professionals included cochlear implant surgery, bilateral implantation, research/future directions, audiological management, listening and spoken language development and strategies, special education law, behavior management and bilingualism.

For the past 54 years, audio for learning environments has been—and continues to be—FrontRow’s top priority; we are honored to continue supporting groundbreaking conferences such as Listen to Me! as well as helping over 15,000 K-12 schools bring a superior audio experience to all.