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FrontRow Conductor integrates with Boxlight Mimio and Clevertouch interactive panels for audio and video school-wide communication

01 July 2022|Hannah Olson

FrontRow is excited to announce Attention!, a new, advance feature for FrontRow, Boxlight Mimio, and Clevertouch users. This is an integrated AV campus communication solution that enables announcements, bells, and alerts to be delivered as both audio and video simultaneously to every display and speaker in a school.

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Messages and alerts can be broadcast simultaneously to every Mimio® or Clevertouch® display, every FrontRow™ classroom audio endpoint, and every common area speaker. The solution combines the power of FrontRow Conductor audio-over-IP campus communication and CleverLive digital signage cloud service to provide comprehensive coverage across a school’s AV infrastructure, delivering significant improvements in campus-wide communication.

Attention! makes communicating across school campuses significantly easier, enhancing communication during announcements, events, or alerts such as lockdowns, fire, or weather emergencies, when timing and accuracy is crucial. The campus communication system natively integrates via the CleverLive app, included on all displays offered by Mimio and Clevertouch. The system is easy to use and an ideal alternative to designing and connecting various products within a school or business and allows for one point of access and management of controlled and tiered communication.

Here are some of the benefits of combining audio and video communication systems:

  • Gets the attention of students and staff who may be in a noisy environment, wearing headphones or not facing a display.
  • Benefits students that either have hearing or visual impairments..
  • Video displays can convey information using maps or room-specific instructions.
  • Attention! mutes all other audio in the classroom so students and teachers can focus on the announcement.
  • The interactive panel is “overridden” by the video message to that attention is focused on the announcement.
  • Attention! requires activating only one system for announcements and alerts saving time and ensuring a consistent experience.

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