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FrontRow Launches LessonCam to Enhance Online Learning

08 June 2021|Hannah Olson

Petaluma, Calif. (June 8, 2021)—FrontRow— a market leader in classroom A/V communication— is introducing LessonCam, a high-definition PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera that integrates with the Juno all-in-one classroom audio system. This powerful combination creates a simple-to-use, plug-and-play solution for schools looking to quickly adapt to hybrid or remote learning, while also ensuring inclusion and engagement for both students online and in a classroom.  

The Juno system—the popularity of which skyrocketed during 2020—seamlessly integrates with standard video conferencing solutions like Zoom®, Google Meet®, Teams®, Skype® to accommodate efficient, intelligible instruction inside or outside of the classroom. “As such, it was a natural step to expand its capabilities to include video, getting us one step closer to our vision of effortless communication in education. The superior audio performance of Juno is now accompanied by the superior video LessonCam making learning and teaching more effective on- and offline” said FrontRow President Jens Holstebro. 

With HD quality, 12x optical zoom, and the ability to easily program camera position presets to point the camera at common instructional areas, LessonCam allows teachers to easily as well as exclusively control the video experience and lessons can be recorded and shared for asynchronous learning.    

“The feedback from teachers testing LessonCam, was extremely positive,” says FrontRow Senior Director of Marketing Chris Bundy. “Compared to teaching online previously, LessonCam made learning online feel more like learning in the classroom. It is more engaging and offers a clearer view than other cameras used for remote or blended learning. The simplicity of use was also commented on positively. Teachers want to spend time teaching, not learning new technology.” 

Present in over 30,000 schools, FrontRow’s classroom audio solutions are known for improving student comprehension and granting equity and access for all students—leading to increased engagement and academic performance. LessonCam furthers equity and access of remote and hybrid learning by enabling all students to see the teacher or other media equally, participate equally, and stay caught up. 

LessonCam is now available and orders are being shipped. 

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